April News: Caring for the community & our own

April 30, 2024|News|

Now that the roof is poured (and has dried beautifully!) at the Deantin community center in Naranjtio, we are jumping right in to the next steps. Stuccoing the interior and exterior walls will be the most time-consuming step, so we’ve already got our crew on it!

January News: Responding to a cold start to 2024!

January 31, 2024|News|

This month, we started off the year strong with visits from three different groups - a shortened mission experience with Myers Park UMC from Charlotte; a weeklong trip to build the first house of the year with Trinity Lutheran from Indianapolis; and a morning of...

November News: Serving one family at a time

November 30, 2023|News|

This month, we wrapped up our fall season of teams with groups from Virginia, Indianapolis, North Carolina, and Alabama who built a total of five houses. Our staff and volunteers started construction on two more houses this month, bringing our total for 2023 to 30 houses.

December News: So much to celebrate!

December 28, 2022|News|

This month, we hosted our annual Christmas fiestas! These celebrations are so important to us as a way to spread the joy of the season to the families in the community, help to relieve the burden parents feel during this time...

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