Community Wellness

Medical Clinic

Faith Ministry runs a medical clinic in Reynosa, where our doctor and nurse see around 25 patients every day, many with hypertension, diabetes, or a combination of the two. Many patients come into the clinic for regular checkups, blood pressure tests, diabetes medication, or because they are sick and cannot afford medication from the local pharmacy. We provide free consultations, as well as free medication depending on availability.

The clinic is staffed with a doctor, nurse, and nurse assistant, and provides:

  • Medical care to 700-800 patients per month
  • Newborn nutrition for 20 babies in their first 12 weeks
  • Free prescriptions

Feeding Program

Faith Ministry recognized a need in the communities of Reynosa and Miguel Alemán that children were not getting the food they needed each day. In Reynosa, we now serve breakfast to around 25-30 kids each day, many of whom may not eat another meal that day. In Miguel Alemán, we serve breakfast to around 15 kids once or twice a week. We also have fun activities for the kids in our program, including crafts, raffles, English lessons, and Bible songs!

How You Can Help

Bring a medical and/or dental team to come work with us! You and your team would be an immense help by providing medical, eye, and/or dental care, providing a women’s clinic for annual checkup, and helping with general medical services.

While you and your team are in Reynosa or Miguel Alemán, whether you are building a house or helping in another way, we would love for you to have the opportunity to help serve meals through our feeding program. In addition, we are always in need of healthy, nutritious meals for the children in our communities.


“It’s very rewarding to be a useful instrument to the people that are in need. There are a lot of people that come here every single day asking for help, and we’re here exactly to do that, to help them out.” – Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez, Betty Clinic (Reynosa)