We run a medical clinic in Reynosa, where our doctor and nurse can treat up to 35 patients a day, five days a week. Many patients have hypertension, diabetes or a combination of the two; other ailments include respiratory illnesses, especially in the winter, and stomach viruses. Our clinic is for basic primary care, so people in the community come for regular checkups, blood pressure tests, diabetes medication or because they are ill and cannot afford medication from the local pharmacy. The treatment and medication (depending on availability) are both free of charge.


We can use your skills! With your experience, you can volunteer in our medical clinic and help us serve even more people in need of medical attention. You can bring your own medical group or tag along with a construction group. We’ve worked with nurses, pediatricians, obstetrician-gynecologists, eye doctors, dentists, and dental hygienists, so whatever your background, you can make a difference!

“It’s very rewarding to be a useful instrument to the people that are in need. There are a lot of people that come here every single day asking for help, and we’re here exactly to do that, to help them out.”

Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez (Reynosa)


We recognized a need in our communities that kids were not getting the food they needed each day. To address that need, we started a children’s nutrition program in Reynosa, and it’s now grown to four different areas: Reynosa, Miguel Alemán, Naranjito and a mission outside of Miguel Alemán called Guardados de Arriba. In total, we serve up to 200 meals each week, and in Reynosa, we’ve even expanded to include senior citizens and other patients waiting to be seen at the clinic. Physical nourishment is just one part of this program; we also want the children to be nourished spiritually. Our pastors spend time there each week, teaching the kids Bible lessons and songs and doing crafts with them. When groups from the U.S. are visiting Reynosa, they also have the chance to participate in this program, which is a great experience for all.


Our nurse at our medical clinic noticed that mothers in our community were having a hard time keeping their new babies nourished and healthy, often feeding their infants leftover cooking water mixed with sugar. We decided to start the infant feeding program to make sure these babies were getting the nutrition we need. At any given time, 30 or more babies are enrolled in the program; their mothers come once a week to the clinic to receive donated baby formula and to measure and weigh their baby. After twelve weeks, if the infant is growing at a healthy rate, they “graduate” from the program.

Baby formula is not cheap, but it’s extremely necessary; we are always in need of more formula! If you are able, help us out:

*deliver to 510 N 21 St, McAllen, TX 78501


Our garden is located on the grounds of our church in Naranjito, about 20 minutes away from our main complex in Reynosa. We use the garden not only as a way to grow fresh produce for our children’s nutrition programs and for our local community, but also as a way to teach new and empowering skills. Local volunteers, church members and U.S. teams work together to grow everything from corn, squash and carrots to tomatoes, watermelon and cilantro.