Through the help of sponsors, Faith Ministry is able to support over 190 students from kindergarten through college. For as little as $480 a year, you can help a family keep a child in school. A scholarship makes it possible for a child to attend school and covers costs such as uniforms, transportation and food, as determined by a child’s parents. Below are the costs of a one-year scholarship for a student through Faith Ministry (all costs include a $80 administration fee):

$480 / year

Primaria (Elementary, K – 6th)

Secundaria (Junior High, 7th – 9th)

$680 / year

Prepatoria (High School, 10th – 12th)


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Graduating During a Pandemic

The graduates in our scholarship program during the 2019-2020 school year experienced their accomplishment in the midst of a pandemic, meaning changes to their classes and schedules and missing out on the in-person celebration of graduation. We spoke with two of our college graduates, Ricardo and Ailed, about their experiences graduating during a pandemic.

A Scholarship Really Does Make a Difference

Renie from North Carolina started supporting Raul through our scholarship program in 2005. Eleven years later, he graduated from college and accepted a job offer in marketing. Raul is a testament to how the financial support and encouragement of a sponsor can truly change lives.