If you work in the medical field, we can use your skills at our medical clinic in Reynosa, whether you work as a nurse, dentist, pediatrician, gynecologist, eye doctor, dental hygienist, or in another specialty. All you need is a current medical or nursing license and a willingness to work! While it’s helpful, it’s not necessary to speak Spanish; our clinic nurse is bilingual, and we can hire local translators if necessary.

I want to bring a medical group:

If you have a group of doctors and/or nurses that you would like to bring, we would love to have you. Email Colleen for more information.

My church is sending a group to build a house, but I want to use my medical skills:

If your church’s group is going to be work in construction, you can certainly tag along and spend the week working in the medical clinic. If you want to split your time between building a house and volunteering in the clinic, that’s an option too! Just let your group leader know that you would like to volunteer in the clinic.

I want to volunteer my skills, but I don’t have a group:

If you are a medical professional who wants to volunteer here, we would love to have you! We can match you with a group, or we can come on your own (depending on scheduling and staff resources). Email Colleen for more information.


If you are coming with a team and have skills you’d like to use, let your group leader know! We have opportunities to help in our sewing program, woodworking shop, and garden. We have had group volunteers help us create quilts, build double benches and picnic tables, start a garden compost, and more!