Since 1994, Faith Ministry volunteers and mission work groups have built over 2,000 houses for families in need. The cinderblock and cement houses we build provide families with the shelter, warmth and security they need. Mission work groups spend a week in Mexico building a house alongside our staff and volunteers, laying blocks and creating a home.

We want the communities we work in to be healthy in body and spirit. We have a medical clinic in Reynosa, where we treat patients daily and provide free medication. We have a children’s nutrition program in four different areas and an infant feeding program in Reynosa to help babies grow in a healthy way. We also have a garden that provides fresh produce for our nutrition program, our community and the church congregation.

Our scholarship program helps offset school costs for over 190 students from kindergarten through college. Through our skills training program, we want to empower men and women to learn skills that can create new opportunities for them, such as carpentry, sewing, construction foremanship and music.

We desire for others to know God and aim to share the love of Christ in everything we do. At our two churches in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, we want to create opportunities for our community to develop and grow in a relationship with God through weekly services, Bible studies and prayer circles.