What We Do

From the time Faith Ministry started in 1994, we have based our work on two things: faith and love. We use the starfish story as a cornerstone of our ministry, believing that we can make a difference, one at a time. With this belief, we work with families living on the border in Mexico to meet their basic needs in four main areas: spiritual growth, housing, community wellness, and education and empowerment. Everything we do is in His name and for His glory, one at a time.

Spiritual Growth

We desire for others to know God and aim to share the love of Christ in everything we do. We want to create opportunities for our community to develop and grow in a relationship with God. We have two churches in Reynosa and one in Miguel Alemán, where we have weekly worship services. Our pastors and church members also provide additional care for each other and the greater community, delivering meal packages and praying together regularly.



In our 20 years of service on the border, we have built over 2,000 houses for families in need. These cinderblock houses provide families with the shelter, warmth and security they need. Mission work groups from the U.S. work alongside our Mexican staff and volunteers, including those receiving a house, to lay the blocks, mix the cement, and ultimately, create a home. Click here if you’re interested in bringing a mission work group down to Reynosa or Miguel Alemán or contact Colleen at colleen@faithministry.org.


Community Wellness

We want the communities we work in to be healthy in body and spirit. Adults and children in Mexico suffer from a wide variety of ailments, including hypertension and diabetes. We see 25 patients a day at our clinic in Reynosa, where we do free consultations and provide free medication. We feed breakfast every morning to around 35 kids in Reynosa and 15 kids in Miguel Alemán and offer nutrition for newborns in their first 12 months.


Education & Empowerment

Around 150 students from elementary school through college receive scholarships through Faith Ministry. Although school is free in Mexico, many families are burdened by the costs of uniforms, books, supplies, transportation and food, and a scholarship makes that burden lighter. We also want to empower men and women, young and old, to learn skills that can create new opportunities for them, and we do this through our skills training program, where we teach the skills of being a construction foreman, a carpenter, and a seamstress. We also teach English classes to children in the community and are aiming to start a tutoring program for children, teens and young adults.