Executive Director

David came to work with Faith Ministry as Associate Director in 2003 and became Executive Director in 2008. While the office in McAllen is his home base, David is often traveling to Reynosa and Miguel Alemán to oversee the activities of the ministry. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, David lives in Texas with his wife Nancy and sons Luis and Alan. In his free time, David can often be found manning the grill at his house, especially when a mission work group is in town.


Associate Director

Colleen first volunteered in Mexico with Faith Ministry at the age of 16 and was a summer intern during college. She started working for Faith Ministry in 2015 as the Communications & Community Coordinator and became Associate Director in 2022. She is based in the McAllen office, but also spends time in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán supervising activities and mission work groups. She is originally from North Carolina, but now lives in Texas with her husband Cruz and stepdaughters Grecia and Aylin.


Office Manager

Sandra began working for Faith Ministry in the McAllen office as a part-time employee in February 2019 and joined our full-time staff in October of the same year. She is excellent at what she does and makes everything run smoothly for the administration of the ministry on the U.S. side of the border.



Administrator, Reynosa

Omar has been with Faith Ministry since 2008 and coordinates all construction activities and office logistics in Reynosa. He is from Monterrey, Mexico, and he is passionate about his soccer team and is a huge TV and movie buff.


Interim Administrator, Reynosa

Yadira began working for Faith Ministry in 1998 when she was only a teenager! She has many duties in the Reynosa office, including managing our staff and communicating with families that benefit from the ministry through housing, scholarships, and more.


Logistics Support Staff, Reynosa

Adolfo joined our staff in summer 2019 to support our administrative staff in Reynosa. He works as a support member to our administration there, including in the scholarship, housing, and nutrition programs.


Construction Foreman, Reynosa

Ismael started as a construction volunteer in 2015, when he worked for his family’s house. He has worked with us off and on since then in the construction area and joined our staff in 2018 to work in the clinic as security and to help with patient intake. He is now back in the construction area of the ministry, working as one of our foremen.


Construction Foreman, Reynosa

Julio, commonly known as “Chuky,” became one of our construction foremen after graduating from our foreman apprenticeship program in May 2017. Chuky began working with us after the ministry built his house about 15 years ago, and he is known and loved by many mission work groups. He enjoys joking around, so chances are, if you’ve been to Reynosa, you’ve been teased by Chuky!


Construction/Support Staff, Reynosa

José joined our staff in February 2020 to assist the office in Reynosa with various errands and activities. He also assists the construction staff with projects.


Construction Support Staff, Reynosa

Brayan began working for the ministry as a volunteer for his family’s house in 2017. He completed the ministry’s apprenticeship program in 2019, and he joined our staff officially in the construction area in 2022. He assists with house building and other projects and works alongside U.S. groups when they come to volunteer with us.


Garden Caretaker / Construction Support Staff, Reynosa

José works in many different areas of the ministry, mainly taking care of our garden in Naranjito and guarding the area at night. He also works on the job site for various construction activities.


Kitchen / Construction Support Staff, Reynosa

Martha is a support staff for the construction area, as well as the kitchen. She has previously worked as a volunteer for the ministry for her house, as well as for other community members’ houses, and she joined the staff officially in 2022.


Office Assistant, Reynosa

Erika was originally in our scholarship program through her high school graduation. She joined our office staff in 2018, assisting Yadira and Omar with administrative and secretarial activities.


Cook/Caretaker, Reynosa

Marisela started working with Faith Ministry in 2000. She is our primary chef on staff and cooks not only for mission work groups and volunteers, but also for the children in our feeding program every morning at the clinic. If you’ve eaten a meal cooked by Marisela, you know how talented she is!


Caretaker/Cook, Reynosa

Lucia began working with us originally as a volunteer in 2021, working toward her house, and joined our staff in 2022. She is in charge of cleaning and upkeep of the main complex and assists Marisela in the kitchen.


Nurse, Reynosa

Juliana grew up in Faith Ministry’s scholarship program and graduated from nursing school in 2019. She worked in a hospital in Reynosa for about a year before starting as the nurse at Faith Ministry’s medical clinic in 2020. She assists the doctor with patient consultations, manages the infant formula program, and oversees the children’s nutrition program.


Clinic Security, Reynosa

Ciro started on our staff in summer 2019 as our clinic security staff. He is responsible for the security, as well as patient intake, of the medical clinic in Reynosa.


Maintenance/Support Staff, Reynosa

Sergio has been involved with Faith Ministry as a church member in Naranjito for almost five years and joined our staff at the beginning of 2022. He is responsible for running ministry errands, such as food shopping, staying on top of the maintenance of our facilities, and supporting in ministry activities such as our grocery package program.


Construction Volunteer, Reynosa

Alberto is one of our permanent volunteers who has been around for years, working daily on the job site with our staff and family volunteers. He occasionally says his name is Gilberto, but he is more commonly known as Don Beto. He’s another jokester and enjoys working with the mission work groups.



Construction Supervisor, Miguel Alemán

Luz began working with Faith Ministry in 1999 and is one of our foreman in Miguel Alemán, where he supervises all construction activities.


Pastor, Miguel Alemán

Benito has been the pastor of our church in Miguel Alemán since 2010, though he was a volunteer for several years before that. He leads our Sunday and weekday services, in addition to leading a mission to an area of the town called Guardados de Arriba.


Secretary, Miguel Alemán

Agueda started working with us in 2007 and organizes many of our activities in Miguel Alemán, including the children’s nutrition program.


Our Board of Directors is made up of twelve members from across the U.S. who are dedicated to guiding and leading the ministry and its staff. They conduct monthly conference calls and meet twice a year in person in McAllen, Reynosa and Miguel Alemán.


President, Board of Directors

Dave is retired and living in Malvern, Pennsylvania, where he used to work in management consulting and owned his own music school. He has been involved with Faith Ministry since 2012 through his home church Covenant Presbyterian Church and joined the Board of Directors in 2019; he was elected president by his fellow Board members in 2023. Dave was instrumental in starting Faith Ministry’s children’s music program and is passionate about teaching music to children, youth, and adults.


Vice President, Board of Directors

LeAnne is retired from her job in training design and delivery consultancy in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been coming to work in Mexico with Faith Ministry since 2010 with her home church Covenant Presbyterian Church. She joined the Faith Ministry Board in 2021 and was elected vice president in 2023. She is skilled in communication and is passionate about relationships with others and equality for all, and in her spare time, she enjoys being a grandmother!


Secretary, Board of Directors

Bruce is a retired sales director in Gainesville, Virginia, and has been coming to Mexico with Faith Ministry since around 2004. He has previously served six years on the ministry’s Board and rejoined in 2021. He attends Manassas Presbyterian Church and likes to go sailing and help others fix things in his spare time.


Treasurer, Board of Directors

Kathy rejoined the Board in 2021 but has served previous terms as a member, treasurer, and president, and her involvement in and love for Faith Ministry dates back to its earliest days in 1994. She now leads teams to Mexico with her church The Church at Perry Creek in Raleigh, NC. Before retiring, Kathy worked in accounting, so it makes perfect sense that she blesses the ministry with her skills as our treasurer!


Ken is a publisher of a weekly newspaper in Raeford, North Carolina, and has been involved with Faith Ministry since 2003. He has eight years of experience serving on the Board, including two years as president, in addition to his experience on other boards and community organizations. He has a wide variety of passions, ranging from guitar and piano to stained glass and kayaking, and he loves working with the youth at his church.


David is a retired technical writer in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has been involved with Faith Ministry since 2012 through his home church North Raleigh United Methodist Church. He joined the ministry’s Board in 2021 and is passionate about Faith Ministry and the work we do. He also loves photography, history, and traveling, especially when it involves mission work.


David joined the Board in 2022, but he has been involved with Faith Ministry since 2003 when he came on his first mission trip with the youth from Myers Park United Methodist Church, and he spent summers in college as an intern with the ministry in Reynosa. He is now a doctor working in Charlotte, NC, and is passionate about caring for Spanish-speaking patients.


Bill has been involved with Faith Ministry since 2001 and now leads groups through Trinity Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, IN. He is a mechanical engineer who owned his own business for over 20 years and has a passion for woodworking.


Annette has been leading groups to Reynosa with her husband since 1994 when her father, Deantin Guerra, started Faith Ministry. Annette is a retired educator who taught all different grade levels for 24 years. She is passionate about mission work and serving others through her church, First Presbyterian Church Garland, outside of Dallas.


Phil got involved with Faith Ministry in 2010 when he came for his first trip with Covenant Presbyterian Church – Charlotte, NC. He is retired from banking and is a talented guitar player who uses his skills in the church band, and he is passionate about volunteering both in Mexico and in his local community.


Britt got involved with Faith Ministry when she was a chaperone for a youth trip to Reynosa with Myers Park United Methodist Church from Charlotte, NC, and she’s been a participant and leader of trips ever since. She has a background in business and commercial real estate and is now on staff as the missions program director at Myers Park UMC.


Will took his first mission trip to Faith Ministry with Raeford Presbyterian Church in North Carolina when he was just eight years old. He has since volunteered in Mexico several times, including serving as a summer intern. He is an engineer specializing in systems and processes.



Founder/Emeritus Director

Deantin founded Faith Ministry in 1994 and was Executive Director until 2008. On October 25, 2018, Deantin was called home to the Lord. Up until his passing, he remained passionately involved in the ministry, visiting Reynosa when his health allowed and checking in regularly with the staff. He lived in Brownsville with his wife Lidia, their dog Lucky and their cat Mr. Do; they were active members of their church, Central Christian Church, where Deantin sang in the choir and served as an elder. Deantin left behind an incredible legacy, an example of how to love and serve others well, in His name and for His glory.


Construction Supervisor, Reynosa

Angel was a pillar of the Faith Ministry family and a leader among the staff; he worked for the ministry from 2006 until his passing on July 12, 2020. He dedicated over 15 years to the ministry, and he was deeply respected and loved by his fellow staff, the local volunteers, and the hundreds and hundreds of U.S. volunteers who worked with him over the years. Not only did he supervise the construction of countless homes for families in need, he was instrumental in the day-to-day operations in Reynosa, helping with everything from logistics to security to maintenance and more. If we needed something, Angel was always there to help. He valued the friendships he built at Faith Ministry, and he looked out for the staff, volunteers, and groups as if they were his own family.