Bring a mission work group to Mexico for a week and make a difference, whether it’s building a house, serving in the medical clinic, working with kids or all of the above. By helping to meet these physical needs of our community, groups show the love of God and form meaningful lasting relationships that keep them coming back year after year.

Faith Ministry is always in need of volunteers in the medical profession – nurses, pediatricians, dentists and dental hygienists, eye doctors, ob/gyn and more. Medical volunteers can come together with a group that’s building a house, or they can come separately as a medical team. If you have skills in another area (sewing, carpentry, gardening, etc.), let us know; we would love to find opportunities for you to serve.

With the help of student sponsors, Faith Ministry supports more than 190 students from kindergarten through college. Although schooling in Mexico is free, many families are burdened by the cost of uniforms, books, transportation and more. For as little as $40/month, you can make it possible for a child to attend school.

Monthly donations allow Faith Ministry to continue cooking food for the children in our nutrition program, providing medications and vitamins to patients in our medical clinic, and running the daily activities of the ministry, among so many other things. Any monthly donation, large or small, is a huge blessing to the ministry and to the families in our communities.

High school graduates and college students have the opportunity to participate in our College Leadership Program over the summer. They lead mission work groups on the job sites and during their time here, acting as liaisons between Faith Ministry and the groups. They engage with the groups, as well as the local staff and volunteers, forming meaningful friendships and serving in an incredible way.


At Faith Ministry, we operate on faith in an area that demands it. Poverty is extreme and conditions are harsh, and hope is often hard to find. But we acknowledge our calling to express our faith tangibly and in love, and we have faith that God will provide for the families in the communities where we work. We hope that you will pray for our ministry, for these families, for the children, and for our staff and volunteers. Pray that God would use us to show His love to the people in our communities and that the families who live here would have hope in Jesus and know that they are loved.