By the year’s end, we will have built houses with at least 30 families in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, surely cause for rejoicing. And we’re turning our attention to finishing the year with Christmas fiestas to join those and other families in celebrating the birth of the One whose love we seek to emulate and extend. Here’s the latest news:


We’re planning to hold six special services and fiestas for the children in the three communities where we work in Reynosa, Naranjito and Miguel Alemán and to distribute some 600 toys. We’re also planning to take about 200 food packages to families in the colonias. These packages include staples and spices and enough food for two to three weeks for a typical family. The gifts may be temporary, as are even the houses we build, but we’re also working on a deeper level, a demonstration that God loves his children. If you’d like to be a part of this, contact our director David Rodriguez at (956) 631-3567.

Kids having fun with a pinata at the Christmas fiestas in Reynosa

Kids getting gifts at the Christmas fiestas in Reynosa

Kids praying before a meal at the Christmas fiestas in Mexico

Alternative Giving

We’ve also begun sending gift card acknowledgements for those who give “alternative gifts” in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. You can give a hammer, a wheelbarrow, a bag of that beloved and feared “cemento” or medicine or food. We’ll mail a nice card to the recipient or send them (or you) a card by email (your choice) to acknowledge your gift. Just click here and make your selections.

In Honor Of

Another unique way to help Faith Ministry’s work and to honor a friend or loved one is to mark their anniversary or birthday, or even for no reason at all, with a gift that we’ll acknowledge on our Facebook page. This not only honors the recipient but encourage others and reminds them that there’s a lot we can all do for people in much need. To honor someone, just click here.


We hope you have a blessed Christmas season. Watch our Facebook page as we update our progress on these projects and get ready to bring a team to build houses next year!

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