What a joyous season, and we’re working hard to prepare our annual effort to minister in the colonies where we build houses. Here’s an update:

Christmas Plans

In the next few weeks, we’ll be going into the colonias to take food kits to families who need them, and we’ll be holding fiestas in both Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. These happy occasions not only provide needed relief, but also show the love of Christ. We’ve received some contributions to make these efforts possible, but we still need money for food and gifts. Please contact David Rodriguez ((956) 631-3567) if you or your church would like to help. We expect to be hosting several hundred children at the fiestas and visiting 250 families to take food.

Alternative Gifts

Another way to help Faith Ministry at Christmas is to give your loved ones “alternative gifts” to benefit the ministry. Give a hammer, a food package, a shovel. We’ll send your recipient a card acknowledging the gift, either by mail or email (your choice). You can send a gift from our website (www.faithministry.org)

Challenge Houses

Remember the challenge? You contribute money for two houses, and sponsors would match the donations so that four families could build their homes? Well, the homes are nearly complete. The families would like to say thanks for working alongside them! Pictured clockwise from top left: the Ricardo and Olga Tanguma family, the Hermana Bartola family, the Fidel and Roxana Chavarria family, and the Jose and Maria Lara family.

Four families happy to receive homes in Mexico

Youth Workers Convention

Faith Ministry tried something different this year. We went to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville, thanks to a generous sponsor, and introduced ourselves to some 250 youth workers in hopes we can find additional partners in our construction work. Perhaps God will call some additional groups to build houses in the border region.


As the final month of the year arrives, we’ve built 32 houses – quite an accomplishment, but still four houses short of our goal. Why set a goal? Partly because each house represents a family patiently waiting and working; partly because as an organization, our ability to work effectively and efficiently in not only house construction but at our clinic, in our nutrition program and in providing scholarships, depends on a set funding level. We may not meet our goal this year (but there’s still time!), but we’re optimistic 2014 will be better. We’re seeing an increase in sign-up activity already. So please consider bringing a team in 2014. Contact David Rodriguez to make arrangements.

Thanks for all you do — for your financial support, for taking a week’s “vacation” to come build houses, for helping our clinic and sponsoring children, and for heeding God’s call to help families in the border region. God has blessed us all! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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