40 Casa Challenge


The Need

Almost half of Mexico’s 117 million people live below the national poverty line. The minimum wage is less than $5 a day. Compare that to $7.25 an hour in the U.S. Many of the families in the areas we serve live in houses pieced together with old slabs of wood and material and corrugated aluminum for a roof. They don’t protect against the elements, the roofs often leak, and they aren’t safe for families.


How We Help

For more than 21 years, we’ve been working in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, both on the border in Mexico, just a few miles from Texas. We’ve grown to include more programs to better meet the needs of the people we serve, but building homes for families has always been central to what we do. The families we serve work alongside mission work groups that come from the U.S. to build their own homes, as well as homes of other families in their community.

Our goal this year is to build 40 homes for 40 families in need in our communities. 25 of those homes are funded by mission work groups and churches that come to work with us, but we need your help funding the rest!

What You Can Do

Help us meet our goal! Each home is $6,000, so we need all the support we can get. Here’s how you can help:

1) Make a donation here

Donate online, or you can send a check to PO Box 756, McAllen, TX 78505. Any donation, big or small, will help!

2) Be bold & fund an entire house

Shoot us an email if you’d like to fund a house for $6,000!

3) Start a crowdfunding campaign

Get your friends and family involved and raise the money for a house (or two!). We love Crowdrise – it’s super easy to set up a fundraiser:

  • Visit https://www.crowdrise.com/online-fundraising and click “Start a Fundraiser”
  • Click “Raise Money for Charity”
  • Enter a fundraiser title (e.g. “Build a home for a family in Mexico,” etc. Be creative!)
  • Enter a fundraising goal ($6,000 will fund one house)
  • Write about the fundraiser (share about why this is important to you)
  • Add a photo for the fundraiser
  • Choose a charity; search “Faith Ministry Ministerio de Fe” and you’ll see us! Click the checkmark to the right to select us.
  • Your campaign is live! Now it’s time to share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, email, everywhere!
  • Email Colleen if you have any questions on how to set it up!

Making a difference, one at a time