Send Your Student a Letter

Writing letters and sharing drawings and pictures help establish meaningful relationships between students and their sponsors, so we welcome you to write to your student as often as you would like!

Share about your life, your family, your job/school, or your hobbies, encourage your student in their studies, and/or include a favorite Bible verse. Feel free to include photos of you and/or your family. Be mindful of the differences between your life and that of your student and share/don’t share accordingly.

If you are a church supporting a student, we recommend assigning someone or a small group of people at your church to be responsible for writing the letter(s).

Click to view & print stationary >

Click the above link and print off our stationary (or use your own!). If possible, please print the stationary front and back on the same page.

Whether you use our stationary or your own, always include your student’s name, his or her ID number, and your name.

Send your completed letter back to us at PO Box 756, McAllen, TX 78505 (ATTN: Student Letter). We’ll translate it and give it to your student.