Experience. Engage. Lead.

If you are a high school graduate or college student who is interested in a summer of serving your brothers and sisters, leading U.S. teams volunteering in Mexico, honing your Spanish skills, and eating a lot of good tacos, then our college leadership program might be a great fit!


  • Leading U.S. groups on the job site as a liaison (a “go-between”) between them and the FM staff and volunteers
  • Taking photos and videos of the group working and making friends
  • Engaging with the groups from the U.S. and making them feel welcome in Mexico
  • Being a professional and friendly resource for groups during their stay in Mexico
  • If you have a special skill (medical, teaching English, blog writing, etc.), we would be happy to utilize it!


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be able to come during one of the scheduled slots (unless another time is agreed upon with FM staff)
  • Must sign covenant upon acceptance into program and obey all covenant rules during your time here



  • Lodging
  • Transportation across the border and around Mexico
  • Most meals (your lunch/dinner will be covered when teams are in town)


  • Your flight/transportation to McAllen, TX
  • Breakfast and some meals (you’ll have the opportunity to go to the grocery store for anything you need)


Check back in January 2021 for information about scheduling for the 2021 summer season!


Applications are closed. Check back in January 2021 to apply for the 2021 summer season!

  1. Submit your online application
    • You cannot save and return to the application, so make sure you have  all the information you need before you begin.
    • You must have a reference (an adult who knows you well – youth pastor, supervisor, family friend, etc.); you will enter his/her contact information in your online application, and we will reach out to him/her.
  2. Your reference fills out an online form
    • We will email your reference a form to fill out – the sooner they fill out that form, the better, as we cannot accept your application until that form is filled out.
  3. Skype or phone chat
    • After receiving your reference’s online form, we will email you to scheduled an informal chat over Skype, FaceTime, or phone.
  4. Decision time!
    • The Faith Ministry staff will make a decision about your application and let you know over email.

“One of the things I’ve loved most about being here is all the relationships and the connections you make with people. It’s so much fun getting to meet new people and build these relationship, not that you don’t get to do that when you come for a week on a mission trip. It’s just to such a deeper extent, and you get to know so much more about people and their stories.”

Jada M. (Chapel Hill, NC)