Build a House in Mexico

Mission work groups are an integral part of Faith Ministry and have been since the start of the ministry in 1994. When groups come to work with us for a week, they not only help build a house for a family in need and support other programs of our ministry, but they bring hope and joy to the families that live in our communities. While building a house, they build meaningful relationships with the Mexican staff and volunteers they are working alongside, sharing in Christ’s love together. It is truly a life-changing experience.

We would love have you and your team work with us in Mexico! If you’re interested in bringing a team or have more questions, contact Colleen at You can check out our mission work group schedule to see which weeks are available for you and your team!


The week in Mexico can be filled with a variety of activities, depending on our needs and your skills & talents:

  • Building a house for a family in need — includes laying cinderblocks, mixing & pouring cement, & completing another house with a roof
  • Completing a special construction project
  • Helping with our kids’ feeding program
  • VBS with the kids in the community
  • Teaching English
  • Helping with our sewing & carpentry programs

Who can come to Mexico?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and serve in Mexico! Team members range in age from 11 years old to 80+ years old (though we do recommend anyone under age 18 is accompanied by a parent or guardian). It makes a great youth trip, adult trip or inter-generational trip! There’s a wide variety of activities during the week, each requiring people with different skills, physical abilities and talents. Teams have ranged in size from six people to 60 people, though most groups have around 12-15 people. No matter how many people, there are opportunities for everyone to change lives and be changed in the process.


We want the most money as possible you raise for a mission trip to go to the community you desire to serve, not your airfare or lodging. Because teams fly domestically to south Texas and drive across to Mexico, and Faith Ministry provides low-cost lodging and transportation, the cost of the trip is affordable, and more money can go toward building homes for families, food for children, and other ministry programs that support those in need.

REGISTRATION FEE: $500 (per team)

House construction: $5,750 (includes house + roof)
Alternative options:
– Floor or roof only: $1,560
– Special project: $10 (per person per day)

Main church complex: $15 (per person per night)
Clinic complex: $20 (per person per night)

Vans: $650 (suggested donation, per van per week)

$200-$250 (for a group of 10, optional)

Water: $2.50 (per 5 gallons of water)
Ice: $2.50 (per bag of ice)



You’ll need to get your team to McAllen, Texas, where our U.S. headquarters is. Some teams choose to travel by van here, while many others choose to fly. If you choose air travel, you can fly into McAllen/Miller International Airport or Valley International Airport (in Harlingen, about 40 miles from McAllen).

You and your team will need vans to travel to Mexico and around the areas where you’ll work. Faith Ministry has two 15-passenger vans available for use for a suggested donation of $650 each; this includes U.S. and Mexico auto insurance. If you choose to rent your own vans, there are many rental options at both McAllen and Valley airports, as well as off-airport rental options.

Food & Water & Supplies

For meals, the most common practice is for groups to take care of their own breakfast and for ladies from the community to cook for lunch and dinner. We highly recommend this, as it is a way to eat authentic Mexican food and support our local community. The cost varies based on preferences, but it usually costs around $150-$180 for the week for a group of 10.

Because we advise teams NOT to drink the water in Mexico, we have gallons of water and bags of ice available during your stay.

We recommend that groups shop for their supplies (breakfast food, snacks, paper products, etc.) and/or forgotten items in McAllen before they cross the border. There are many stores available in McAllen, such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target and HEB.


How a Family Gets a House

Once a family applies for a house through Faith Ministry and proves land ownership, we run a socioeconomic survey to assess the family’s needs. Then, we invite them to get involved with us and in our programs; included in this is an eight-month commitment to work alongside mission work groups and other Mexican volunteers to build others’ houses, as well as their own.

On the Worksite

You do NOT need to be a construction expert to build a house with us in Mexico! You will be working alongside our Mexican staff and volunteers who will help and guide you. The houses we build are 12 feet by 24 feet, made of cinderblock and cement, with a concrete floor and roof. Each house has two windows and at least one door. We will provide all the tools you need to work. You’ll want to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and will need to be prepared with a hat, work gloves, sunglasses, water bottle, sunscreen, and old sneakers or work boots!



The safety of our mission work groups is our highest priority. The violence reported in the news is contained to certain areas of the city and has not affected the areas where we work. We put measures in place to keep you safe at all times. A Faith Ministry staff member will be with you at all times, including crossing the border and driving in the communities.


We would love have you and your team work with us in Mexico! If you’re interested in bringing a team or have more questions, contact Colleen at