Christmas Fiestas

Every year in Reynosa, Miguel Alemán and Naranjito, we host Christmas fiestas (parties) for the families in our community. They are a time for us to gather with our brothers and sisters, eat a good meal, worship our God and remember what the Christmas season is really about. We eat tons of tamales, sing carols, pray, distribute meal packages to the families, and give toys to the kids. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and community, and it wouldn’t be possible with the support of people like you!

How can you help this Christmas?

1. Send us toys

We need tons of new or gently used toys to give away to the kids at our fiestas. Whether you and your family buy toys or organize a drive to collect them, they will be a blessing to the kids here in Mexico! Kids here love soccer balls, dolls, sets of toy trucks/cars, etc.

You can send the collection to our office at 510 N 21st Street, McAllen, TX, 78501. Please send all toys to us by November 1 – this allows us enough time to cross the toys to Mexico before the fiestas.

2. Donate

Last year, we were able to bless over 1,300 people through our fiestas, and as you can imagine, there are a lot of expenses that go along with providing meals, grocery packages, toys, and more for all of those people. Each donation helps us to make these Christmas fiestas a joyful time and a blessing to our community!

Head over to our Give page and on the form, select “Specific Ministry Need” and enter “Christmas Fiestas.”

3. Come to Mexico and participate!

We expect hundreds of kids and families to come to these Christmas fiestas, and we need all the help we can get! Come on down to the border and help us coordinate activities, serve meals, distribute toys and food packages, and more. You can come anytime during those days – just coordinate with Colleen, and we’ll arrange your stay here!

Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, December 14: Volunteer/Family Fiesta, Reynosa (for all families and volunteers that received homes in 2017)

Friday, December 15: Staff Fiesta, Reynosa

Saturday, December 16: Kids Fiesta at Church, Reynosa

Sunday, December 17: Kids/Family Fiesta at Church, Miguel Alemán

If you would like to come for all four fiestas, plan to arrive at any time on Wednesday, December 13 and depart in the afternoon of Sunday, December 17 or on Monday, December 18.