We’re about to enter a busy fall season and want to update you on the work of your ministry.


We’re still hoping to reach our goal of more than 30 houses this year. Eight teams are scheduled to visit this fall from North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas, and between them, they’ll build 10 houses. Exciting news is that two teams have worked in Miguel Alemán this year, and we’re hoping for a great turnout in 2014. The teams have built four houses, and we’re hoping to build seven there this year. Please begin planning at your church to bring a team in 2014. There is much to be done in the border region, and God is clearly at work here!

Building a house in Mexico


More than 100 children attended the annual Vacation Bible School in Miguel Alemán this year. We extended the program to a nearby site and shared Bible stories, games, food and candy for a week. The church in Miguel Alemán is vibrant and at work in its community.

Kids in Miguel Aleman at Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School in Miguel Aleman

Feeding the Children

There is much need for food in the colonias, and Faith Ministry is doing what it can in both Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. Each weekday morning, we feed approximately 30 children and show them the love of Jesus. We’re also providing formula for about 15 babies who, without this help, might not survive.

Kids enjoying a hearty meal at the nutrition program in Reynosa

Clinic Repairs

Storms and hurricanes have taken their toll on the Reynosa clinic, particularly its roof. Supporters have helped us make critical repairs. We’ve also repaired leaks and several problems at the Reynosa dorm complex, where we host visiting work teams.

Repairing the roof of the clinic in Reynosa

Board Meets

The Board of Directors will be in Reynosa and McAllen at the end of this month. The 12-member Board confers by phone each month and meets in person twice each year. This time, in addition to making plans, solving problems, and praying, the Board will pour a roof.

Challenge Houses

At this writing, we’re two-thirds of the way toward raising $12,000, the cost of two houses. The contributions will be matched by two generous donors, and we’ll be able to work with FOUR families to build homes. Thanks to all who have contributed. We still need about $4,000, and if you’d like to contribute, you may send a check to the office (PO Box 756, McAllen, TX 78505) or go here to donate quickly and securely: https://faithministry.org/give.

Thank you for loving Faith Ministry, the people we work among, and the God we serve. If you’ve visited or worked on a house, sponsored a child or taken part in the medical services of the ministry, you know your money, time and prayers aren’t wasted. May God continue to work in your life and use you in His service.

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