We’re just about past the building season, moving toward Christmas, and looking with excitement toward 2010.

Here’s a quick look at the latest news from the ministry:


We’re happy to report that, with additional teams from three states set to arrive in October, every family that was supposed to get a home in 2009 will. So far, 23 houses have been built in Reynosa and 15 in Miguel Alemán. Teams from North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania will wrap up construction next month. Meanwhile, it’s time for groups to begin signing up for construction next year. Please contact director David Rodriguez for more information.


Construction isn’t the only work of Faith Ministry. There’s medical care in two clinics, nutrition programs and churches that operate year-round. Several fiestas have been scheduled to raise money for these programs and the overall health of the organization. Founder Deantin Guerra just returned from Indianapolis, where he took part in the first one. Two are scheduled in North Carolina in November and another in Michigan after that. The fiestas have food and fundraising in common, but each will have its own character.


Faith Ministry now has its own Facebook group, and we invite you to join and send others our way too. We envision it as a great way to get up-to-the-minute news to group members, discuss issues of poverty, safety, compassion – you name it, view photos and videos and just generally connect team members, staff, volunteers and supporters. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=144736227832.

Feliz Navidad

Each year, we like to bring Christmas cheer and the love of Christ to families in both Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. Several groups fly in and prepare a big party with lots of decorations, presents, candy and juice for each child. It’s quite an operation to prepare hundreds of bags of candy and distribute the gifts, but participants find that just like building a house, it’s they who are blessed as much or more than the children. This year’s parties will be the week of Dec. 14. If you’d like to help with money to provide toys for these events, please contact David.

Kids having a great time at a Christmas fiesta in Miguel Aleman

A kid enjoying elote or corn on the cob at a Christmas fiesta in Miguel Aleman

Giving out toys at a Christmas fiesta in Mexico

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