August News: Staying strong and working hard!

August 31, 2020|

After a tough July for Faith Ministry, we kicked off the new month of August by distributing another round of grocery packages in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. At the end of July, families along the border in Mexico were hit by Hurricane Hanna...

Finding Church in Reynosa, Mexico

July 23, 2020|

Church. When I say that word, I picture serenity, lovely stained glass colored light, soaring ceilings, organ and trumpet sounds, hand carved pews.......plastic chairs, dust, warm evening sunlight, guitar and ukulele, hot cement...

Our Brother Angel

July 12, 2020|

There is no easy way to share news like this, but it is with devastated and broken hearts that we share with you that Angel, one of our own, our brother in Christ, passed away today.

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