Giving Thanks

This year has been tough, but we still have so much to be thankful for. And no matter what side of the border we live on, or what language we speak, we are all grateful for the same things: our health, our family and loved ones, the roof over our head.

We asked our staff in Reynosa, Miguel Alemán, and McAllen to share what they’re grateful for this year – click below to watch!

Click to watch what the Faith Ministry staff is thankful for in 2020

Click to watch what the Faith Ministry staff is thankful for in 2020!

Update on Programs & More

As we are preparing to wrap up 2020, we wanted to give you all an update on where we stand given the coronavirus pandemic:

Our construction program has officially wrapped up for the year, and our staff in that area is focused on the maintenance of our facilities in Mexico. Our medical clinic in Reynosa will remain open through the second week of December, as will the grab-and-go children’s nutrition program in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. Our three churches remain closed to in-person gatherings at this time; they continue to run services online and stay in touch through phone calls and video chats. We have also continued our monthly distribution of grocery packages in Reynosa, Miguel Alemán, and Monterrey, and we distributed a total of 200 this month.

We have made the decision to cancel all mission work groups through the end of February. As more updates regarding vaccines and other precautions are released, we will keep you posted regarding spring and summer groups.

Our Christmas fiestas will be looking a little different this year – we won’t be gathering in large numbers – but we are still eager to bless as many families as possible this holiday season, especially after the difficult year that everyone had. Our plan is to distribute at least 300 grocery packages door to door to families in our communities in December, as well as deliver toys and candy to the kids. We would also like to host a small outdoor fiesta for our staff to honor all of their hard work and dedication throughout this year. If you’d like to contribute to our Christmas blessings, visit and select “Christmas fiestas” under donation use.

Our staff in Mexico will be sent home for the last two weeks of December to stay safe and spend time at home with their families for the holidays. The plan will be to bring everyone back the first week of January, but we will evaluate that based on case numbers on the border, potential complications from colder weather and the flu, etc.

The encouragement, generosity, prayers, and support we’ve received this year has been incredibly meaningful. We have asked you all to step up in various ways to help us keep serving others throughout this year, and you have. We cannot thank you enough, and we appreciate all you do for us and the families here on the border. Muchas gracias!

You can read our full updates regarding the coronavirus and our programs here:, and you can stay connected through our Facebook page.

Kids receiving grab and go meals at the nutrition program in Reynosa Mexico

Distributing grocery packages to families in Reynosa Mexico

Kids receiving grab and go meals at the nutrition program in Miguel Aleman Mexico

Distributing grocery packages to families in Reynosa Mexico

No Longer Living in Fear

We recently poured the roof of the final house for 2020, and this house was special for us because it was built for our own staff member Adolfo and his family. After we wrapped up, Adolfo shared with David what this house means for him, his mom, and his siblings. Faith Ministry built this family’s original house over 20 years ago, but over the years, the level of the street in front of their house kept rising, as it was repeatedly filled in and repaved after rain damage. Now, their house sits over 3 feet below ground level, causing immediate flooding even with a little rain. For years, they’ve lived in fear every time rain is in the forecast, but now, they have a new house that sits well above street level, in which they can feel safe and secure, rain or shine.

We are thrilled to be able to provide Adolfo’s family with a new house, and we are excited for all of you to meet him when you come down. He started working with us over a year ago, but just before the pandemic, he began in a new role assisting Colleen and the staff with the visiting mission teams. He’s looking forward to working with all of you when the time comes! And a special thanks to the Davis family from Florida for providing this house for him and his family. We are thankful for each one of you for your support!

Click to watch Adolfos reflection of what this house means for him and his family

Click to watch Adolfo’s reflection of what this house means for him and his family.

End of Year Giving

In the midst of a difficult year, Faith Ministry showed up and stood beside the many families on the border who have suffered and struggled this year. And we were only able to do that because of you. You showed up.

You couldn’t show up physically this year, but you showed up nonetheless, through your donations, through your support and encouragement, and through your prayers. Your support made this possible. When we asked you to be generous, you gave, even in the midst of an impacted economy. And we can’t say thank you enough. Your overwhelming support has meant so much to us this year, and we couldn’t have done all of this without you.

But, we can’t stop now.

As we wrap up activities for this year, our focus is already on next year. While a new year does bring a sense of hope, we know that for many of us, including families here on the border, the challenges of this year will continue on into 2021.

It’s going to be hard for families, but we will continue to be a light in the darkness and not only share, but show the love of God to those around us. Our God is a big God who provides peace, comfort, and hope, and it is our calling to be His hands and feet.

To donate online for 2020, visit by December 31 at 11pm EST / 10pm CST. To donate via snail mail, send a check payable to Faith Ministry to PO Box 756, McAllen, TX 78505; it must be postmarked on or before December 31 to be considered as 2020 giving.

We cannot thank you enough for your love and support!

Click below to watch a special message from our Board member and Pastor of Missions at Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC.

Click to watch a special message from our Board member Nathan Arledge

Click to watch a special message from our Board member Nathan Arledge.

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer, so please join us in praying for:

  • Ezequiel, our retired foreman, and Lupe, our foreman, who have both suffered immense loss this year. Pray for continued peace and strength for both of them, as well as for physical health for them both.
  • Carlos, our pastor in Reynosa, who was sick this month. Thankfully he is recovering well, but pray for his continued recovery.
  • The health and safety of our staff in Mexico and the U.S., our Board of Directors, and all of the families living on the border in Mexico.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 
Romans 12:12

“Rejoice Over You With Gladness…”

Whenever you feel down or overwhelmed, remember that God has a plan for you and that He is rejoicing over you with gladness.

Click to watch some of our staff share encouraging Scripture

Click to watch some of our staff share encouraging Scripture.

Thank You!

Thank you for everything you do to support Faith Ministry! We appreciate your donations, your prayers, and your dedication to the ministry.

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