As we prepare to enter the holiday season, we’re hoping to extend the joy of this time of year to families along the border of Mexico. One project we’re excited about is the Holiday House program. If you, your church or your organization sends the money, our staff and Mexican volunteers will build a house in your name for a needy family. We’re also preparing for fiestas for children in both Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. We hope to provide gifts and treats for them and blankets for their families. But those aren’t the only efforts underway. Here’s an update:


Four churches  – Grace Community and North Raleigh United Methodist from Raleigh, North Carolina; First Presbyterian from Fayetteville, North Carolina; and Southport Presbyterian from Indianapolis, Indiana – built seven houses and poured six roofs this fall in Reynosa. In Miguel Alemán, where it’s still not safe to send in volunteer teams, house number six is under construction by staff and Mexican volunteers. We hope to build holiday houses for five or six families on our waiting list.


There are approximately 150 children in the Faith Ministry scholarship program. Of those, 30 are in Miguel Alemán, including this young lady:

A scholarship student in Miguel Aleman


The first Friday of each month is Pray For Faith Ministry. (P4FM) Day, and at noon ET, we ask everyone on both sides of the border to pray for the ministry. In Mexico, we typically have 40 volunteers, staff and friends meet to pray for Faith Ministry and for our brothers and sisters in the U.S.

Praying for Faith Ministry and for our friends in the US


Faith Ministry turned 17 last month, an occasion to reflect, take stock and rededicate ourselves to working among “the poorest of the poor” in Jesus’ name. Because of issues of violence along the border, times have been tough, but Faith Ministry continues to build, serve in its medical clinic and work through its scholarship program. We’ve lost count, but we figure at least 2,000 houses have been built since 1994, a tangible demonstration of God’s love for one family at a time in one of the most troubled regions in the world. We are doing our best to keep the vision of service alive.

Celebrating the 17th anniversary of Faith Ministry


Two happy occasions – birthdays – to report: that of Jeanne Johnson from Indiana who celebrated her 84th birthday while on the job in Reynosa (props!) and Rosalva, a Mexican volunteer. Asked what she wanted for her birthday, Rosalva said, “For God to send me a house.” We believe God can do that.

Celebrating birthdays in Reynosa 

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