The end of 2010 finds us still working to demonstrate God’s love along the border of the U.S. and Mexico among the “poorest of the poor.” Our construction efforts suffered greatly this year with the cancellation of many teams due to safety concerns, but we managed to build houses anyway, continue our work in the clinic in Reynosa and operate our education sponsorship and nutrition programs. And now, new opportunities present themselves.


As you may have read in the news recently, several hundred people have left their homes and fled drug violence and threats in the town of Mier and have relocated in nearby Miguel Alemán. Faith Ministry has constructed homes in Mier, and several of the families who are now refugees are “ours.” Because Faith Ministry friends have supported the ministry through these difficult times, we still have staff and resources to bring to bear, and we are planning to house and feed as many people as we can afford.

Our plan is to house a few families in a couple of our apartments in the colonia where the Faith Ministry complex is located and possibly expand to our dormitories. We’re planning to begin serving two meals per day for 30 people or more at the complex in a program much like the one we operate in Reynosa.

As you know, the ministry is stretched quite thin these days, so we’re hoping supporters will help Faith Ministry and the church come to the aid of these families. Our website is set up to allow supporters to easily (and securely) give for this cause. It’s at

The donations will help our efforts to provide food, medical care and spiritual support to all of the families in Mexico who are suffering because of the drug violence.


An update on our construction progress – we’ve built six houses in Miguel Alemán and 15 in Reynosa with two more planned for the remainder of the year. We’re hoping to pour eight roofs in Reynosa and three in Miguel Alemán.

Christmas Parties

Because of safety concerns in the border region, we’re going to take a different approach to Christmas parties this year, but we’re still going to bring a smile to the faces of the children. In both Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, we’ll have a small party for the churches there, but we plan to go door-to-door in the communities and deliver gifts this year. (Can you picture David as Santa?) We need about 1,200 toys to cover both cities, and we’re hoping churches and individuals will contribute to this cause. Contact David in the McAllen office at (956) 631-3567 or to make arrangements.

Nutrition Program

In Reynosa, some 25 children are fed each day. They receive cereal, fruit, milk, toast and other nutritious food. The Betty Clinic staff reports a need to serve more children, a need that will be met from the ministry’s regular budget. You can contribute online at

Children enjoy a meal at the nutrition program in Reynosa

Alternative Giving

Looking for a Christmas gift that will make someone feel good AND help a needy family? Look no further than the Faith Ministry Alternative Giving page. Buy a shovel in someone’s name, some cement blocks, a roof, even a house. There’s something in every price range. We’ll send the recipient a nice card notifying them of the gift in their name. Give it a try at our website:

We realize there is much need, and Faith Ministry supporters are working hard to alleviate much suffering along the border. Your contributions truly go a long way. Please remember the ministry’s day-to-day budget, and thank you for considering these other opportunities to minister. Together we can tangibly demonstrate God’s love.

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