Home Construction

As house construction activities wind down for 2008, preparation for 2009 is already underway.

The last house construction team arrives in Mexico in November and will be building the 89th house for 2008. The houses built this year will bring warmth and protection from the winter weather yet to come. Please continue to pray for the families moving into these houses as they turn these houses into homes.

House construction for 2009 is currently scheduled to begin the week of February 8-14, 2009.

A team working to build a house in Mexico

Christmas Fiestas

Christmas fiestas benefiting the communities in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán will be held December 16th and 18th. Currently, teams from Raeford Presbyterian Church from North Carolina and New Covenant Presbyterian Church from Louisiana will be providing some much needed help during this time of celebration. About 1,200 toys are desperately needed to make this a successful event. How can you help?

  1. Pray for all who participate in the fiestas and that all are filled with the joy of God’s greatest gift to us all, Jesus.
  2. Send a check specifying 2008 Christmas Fiesta.
  3. Use your credit card and the internet to support this time of celebration by clicking on the following link: https://faithministry.org/give.

Since the Christmas Fiesta is fast approaching, we need to receive toys, monetary gifts and commitments by November 15, 2008.

Deantin at a Christmas fiesta in Mexico

Partners in Faith

“For all we need is faith working through love.”

Thousands of volunteers who have worked with Faith Ministry continue to ask, “How can I help?” “Partners in Faith” is a program to provide a way for everyone to be a vital part of our continuing work with our Mexican brothers and sisters. For more information, contact David Rodriguez (david@faithministry.org, (956) 631-3567).

The starfish which is the symbol of Faith Ministry

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