If you couldn’t tell by our Facebook photos, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in North Carolina last week! Even though it rained every single day we were there, and we only saw the sun once, we had an incredible trip. It was particularly special for me to have a chance to visit my home state and see family and friends at the church that planted the seed of my love for Faith Ministry.

David and I were both overwhelmed by the many, many people who set aside their plans during the week to generously give us their time and attention. We saw lots of faces we knew on this trip, but we also met so many new people that were eager to learn about what God is doing down here on the border. From Charlotte to Raleigh to St. Pauls to Fayetteville, we could see God working in each person we met.

David and Colleen with friends from Grace at their Buy a Block fundraiser

David and Omar with a friend in Charlotte

Colleen with the youth from Myers Park in Charlotte

David with friends in Raleigh

David with friends at Saint Pauls in North Carolina

We are grateful to each and every person we met. And there are some friends of ours that went above and beyond to help make this a successful trip. We are honored to have friends like these! A huge thank you to Holly & Matt Cook; Doug Funk; Kathy & Doug Starkey; Karen & Chris Latta; Nathan Head, John Ulrich, Clark Rinehart, and the entire team at Grace; Martha & Art Fletcher; Lynne McHaney; Clint Bowen; David Mallory; Darren and Katheryn Ash; Carla Leaf; LeAnne Stipp; Elizabeth Welliver; Marlene Arellano; Cathy Kendrick; Jason Rhymer; Mike Schley; Audrey Hum; Jay Mackie; Julie & David Bass; Ken & Holly MacDonald; Sue & David Hudson; and Herb Bryan. And thank you to Grace Community Church; Iglesia Palabra Fiel; Hillyer Memorial Christian Church; Covenant Presbyterian Church; Myers Park United Methodist Church; North Raleigh United Methodist Church; Saint Pauls Presbyterian Church; and First Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville for opening your doors to us!

We are excited by the ways God continues to work through Faith Ministry, wherever it takes us. We are dedicated to the families here on the border in Mexico, and we know that so many of you, whether in North Carolina or somewhere else, are as well. Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your love. We love you all!

Dios te bendiga,


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