The weather is again “balmy,” and that means construction season is upon us, though really, we’re happy to build at any time of the year. The need remains great in the border region, and it is our desire to show Christ’s love in tangible ways among his people in Mexico.


So far this year, teams and staff have built eight houses in Reynosa and three in Miguel Alemán. We’re estimating we’ll build 32 houses this year, but there’s still a chance we can manage even more. Tensions have relaxed enough that we hope to soon open Miguel Alemán to visiting teams. Meanwhile, Luz, Benny, Benito and Agueda are working hard to keep the facilities there ready. They’ve even poured a sidewalk along the street beside the church/dorm complex. In Reynosa, we’re now using mixer machines for roofs and foundations to increase efficiency and reduce waste (and save backs?). We’d like to encourage teams to plan trips – it’s never too late! And if you can’t come, please consider sending money for a house and we’ll get it built.

Pouring a sidewalk outside the Miguel Aleman complex

Nutrition Program

We’re still feeding approximately 30 children, and on occasion adults too, each day, and we’ve noticed malnutrition is getting even worse in the colonia where the Betty Clinic is located. We recently received baby formula and vitamins for adults and children and have been able to provide them for two months to more than 400 people.

The greatest need is to address the hunger of children. We provide what we can to a large group each morning before school. We’re also working to provide a healthier menu, but of course this is more expensive and requires educating the children.

Meanwhile, a church from North Carolina helped us tremendously with logistics of the program. It may not seem like much, but storage for food is critical. Shelves we’ve installed help us quickly determine what we can serve.

Shelves for the nutrition program in Reynosa


Wheelchairs, walkers and crutches are an ongoing need in the colonia, and thanks to a church’s donation, we’ve been providing them to numerous families. Even now, we’re working to get more wheelchairs across the border.

A recipient of a wheelchair in Reynosa

Sewing Materials

Another donation that has been very helpful is one of sewing supplies. A church from Pennsylvania has made it possible for families to repair their clothes. Oralia (center, in the second photo below) made skirts for her little girls (pictured below).

Two girls in their beautiful handmade skirts

Women in the sewing program in Reynosa

Please remember Faith Ministry in your prayers, and whenever you can make a contribution, those help too. It’s easy and secure at our website –

Thank you for demonstrating the love of Jesus among his people in an area where hope is hard to come by.

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