Kids say Dios Los Bendiga

God is at work in the border region of Mexico, and you have played a part! Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated!

Here’s the latest as we enter our busiest season:


Four volunteer teams have visited so far this year – three from Indiana and one from Pennsylvania. They’ve constructed four houses in Reynosa. Another four have been built by Mexican volunteers in Miguel Alemán. So far, six more teams are scheduled to visit Reynosa. We would love to work with your church to schedule a house-building week in 2011. Just contact David in the McAllen office at (956) 631-3567 for more information and to make arrangements.

Construction group ready to work in Reynosa


Staff and Mexican volunteers continue to build houses in Miguel Alemán when funding allows, but we’re still not comfortable sending teams from the United States there. Indeed, just recently, the violence that has plagued some areas of Mexico got a little close to home in Miguel Alemán, and it unnerved the staff. They ask for your prayers. In Reynosa, there have been no problems to note for a number of months, and while we’re keeping a close eye on developments all through the region, we feel good about Reynosa and working there. For more information on the situation, visit our website at


The border region encountered an unusually cold winter, which caught many families completely unprepared. There was even snow and ice! Faith Ministry purchased and distributed about 350 blankets. More than 10 churches participated in the effort. We even ended up creating a fund to more quickly help in similar situations when they develop unexpectedly.

Distributing blankets in Reynosa


There are 160 children whose eduction is currently sponsored by Faith Ministry supporters. Though education is free in Mexico, many children can’t afford required uniforms, books, school fees, or transportation needed to attend school. We’re working hard to ensure the children who need it most get sponsors and we’re working to ensure the program is of highest integrity. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, contact the McAllen office at (956) 631-3567.

Letters Project

In these days when it’s not possible for many teams to travel to Mexico, we’d like to keep relationships strong between Mexican families and U.S. team members. To that end, we’re asking churches to undertake a letter-writing event or campaign so that individuals or churches in Reynosa, Naranjito and Miguel Alemán can hear from you. If you are willing to do this, please email our Board secretary Ken MacDonald at

“Please Don’t Forget Us”

Dora, who works in Reynosa, asked that we save her a little space in this e-newsletter for a personal message. Probably speaking for most in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, she wants you to know that teams from the United States are terribly missed. “They always bring hope to our community,” she says. “We have many needs here. The people we serve are waiting for houses. They have faith God will answer their prayers.” Visiting teams motivate them, she says. “We understand why they do not come. We are praying for them. God will take care of them, and all of us as well. Please do not forget us.”

Dora and David in Reynosa

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