We hold fast to our “one at a time” commitment embodied in the starfish story. With a limited staff and budget, matched with the devastating poverty on the border, it is easy to get overwhelmed. We have been able to make a difference to “starfish” in Mexico, one at a time, because of support from friends like you.

Monserrat and her grandmother in ReynosaMonserrat is one of those starfish. Monserrat was born in Reynosa with cerebral palsy, and at age two, her mother abandoned her, leaving her in the care of her grandmother Magdalena. Monserrat is now eleven years old and goes to therapy three times a week, and they survive on the salary of Monserrat’s uncle as a janitor and the small amount of money Magdalena makes selling clothes. Often, Magdalena struggled to gather enough money to feed and dress her granddaughter. When we met this family, we knew we had to help in whatever possible. We began supporting them with monthly financial assistance, and that has lifted a weight off of Magdalena’s shoulders. Now, she can provide for her family; now, she has hope.

Another starfish is Victor. He was born in Reynosa with cleft lip, and his parents, already struggling to make ends meet, were helpless. The cost of surgery to fix the cleft lip seemed out of the question, but with his condition, their baby boy wasn’t able to nurse or retain food. They visited our medical clinic and were put in touch with our office so we could help. We provided funds for studies and medication that made his first two surgeries at age two and age three possible. Now, at age seven, he is set to have his third, and hopefully final, operation, made possible by support from the ministry. He is now a smiling young boy; he eats well and is finishing up second grade, a big difference from five years ago.

Victor as a baby and later as a happy seven year old

We are able to support Monserrat and Victor because of financial donations from friends like you. Running 10 programs and three churches in two different cities is not easy. In the past few years, we have grown tremendously and are experiencing the pains that come along with that. We need your help.

Monthly donations are crucial to continuing the work we do and to helping the families who need it most. Every dollar makes a difference, and when you give that dollar each month, you are helping us sustain the ministry in a necessary way. Consider becoming a monthly donor – it’s easy to set up. Thank you for making a difference!

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