Summer in Full Swing

We continued our summer season this month, hosting teams from Texas, Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, and Virginia; welcoming three new interns; building five more houses; and making progress on the Deantin community center (see below). We are loving the opportunity to not only meet the physical needs of our community, but, more importantly, unite brothers and sisters in Christ from both sides of the border, making a difference and working for the Lord together as one. Unidos, unidos, en Su nombre, unidos.

If you’re interested in bringing a team to Mexico, you can find more information and book a week for your team for 2020 on our website. We would love to work with you!

A team from Texas with the family they helped build a house for in Reynosa Mexico

Our returning intern Luke with his friends in Naranjito

Our staff member Ismael who we built a house for in Reynosa this month

Interns Pearce and Sofia with their friend in Reynosa

A team from Texas with our garden caretaker and the wicking beds they installed in our garden in Naranjito

A team from Alabama with the family they helped build a home for in Reynosa Mexico

Interns Jada and Lauren with friends from the US and Mexico in Reynosa

A team from Texas with the family they helped build a home for in Reynosa Mexico

A team from North Carolina working hard to build a house in Reynosa Mexico

Kristin with her friends Angel and Brayan in Reynosa Mexico

Our summer interns in Reynosa Mexico

Progress at the Deantin Community Center

This month, we took the first major steps in construction of the community center in honor of our late founder Deantin in Naranjito! Deantin’s daughter and her family’s home church and their team dedicated their mission week to working on the center, and they got a lot done. They completed the foundation and the floor of the bathrooms, laid blocks for the center’s walls, and ripped into the old cement floor to create holes for new sturdy columns to be installed. Even the little things like removing the bent, rusty, unusable rebar made a huge difference in how the building looks and gave us momentum to keep this progress going!

We also had the joy of having Luz, our construction supervisor from Miguel Alemán, in town for a few days to help us with the community center. He was lending a hand and his knowledge from his experience of recently completing the Miguel Alemán community center, and we were happy to have his expertise on site to help out.

Deantins daughter and her family at the future Deantin community center in Naranjito

Mike laying blocks at the future Deantin community center in Naranjito

A team from Alabama Texas and Arizona working hard at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

Praying over the Deantin community center in Naranjito

Faith Ministry foremen from Reynosa and Miguel Aleman working together in Naranjito

A team from Alabama Arizona and Texas with the staff and volunteers at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

The Newest Member of the Faith Ministry Family!

We were so happy to welcome in the newest member of the Faith Ministry family this month! Angel Antonio was born on the night of Tuesday, June 11, to Julio (aka Chuky) and Norma. Everything went well for mom, dad, and baby, and Chuky is adjusting to his new role as a father. We are praying for Chuky, Norma, and Angel as they begin this new chapter of life together as a family!

Julio aka Chuky with Norma and his new baby Angel

A Special Prayer Request

Earlier this week, Reynosa was hit with a severe storm that knocked the power out and caused flooding throughout the city. Thankfully, everyone in our community was okay; we experienced some flooding in the complex and clinic, but we know many families in our area had it worse. Luckily, the sun came out the next day and helped to dry up some of the standing water, but keep the families in Reynosa in your prayers as they recover from the storm.

Click to watch the severe thunderstorm that hit Reynosa this week

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer, so please join us in praying for:

  • Julio (Chuky) and his family, as they navigate the new responsibilities of being parents!
  • The families in Reynosa and the surrounding area who were affected by the storm and flooding this week.
  • Benito, our pastor in Miguel Alemán, who suffered a stroke at the end of last year, as he continues with physical and speech therapy. He continues to improve each day, so pray for that to keep up!

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 
Romans 12:12


25 Years in Photos & Videos

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ll be sharing “throwback” photos and videos throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more!

June 19, 2018 was the last day our founder and dear brother Deantin visited Reynosa. He laughed with the volunteers, shared food and stories, and of course, led us in singing “Unidos, Unidos.”

This month, as we made progress on the community center in his name, with his family and friends, we remembered Deantin’s love for this community, his dedication to all aspects of the ministry, and his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

Everything we do, we do in His Name and for His Glory!

Click to watch Deantin leading Unidos Unidos during his last visit to Reynosa in June 2018

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