Here’s an update on our work among the “poorest of the poor” in Jesus’ name:

Things are humming along in the border region, and by the end of July, we’ll be two-thirds of the way to our goal of building 32 houses this year.


In Reynosa, we’ve built 12 houses so far this year. In Miguel Alemán, we’ve built five. We’ve hosted eight work teams from Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Texas and Alabama, and we have eight more scheduled. We can accept additional teams, so if you’d like to set something up for between now and the end of the year, contact executive director David Rodriguez at 956-631-3567. There are still many families waiting for houses and volunteering to do their part. We’re happy to report everyone working in the region has been safe and sound, and tensions are much reduced.

A team from Texas at work in Mexico


We have more than 200 children in our educational sponsorship program. We’re preparing for the coming school year, so previous sponsors will be contacted about continuing their help in the coming year. If you haven’t sponsored a child and would like to, contact David Rodriguez at (956) 631-3567.

A government report just released said the pressures of providing for education lead to an uptick in domestic violence in September – just one problem you can help avoid for a child. Many families can’t afford school supplies, transportation, uniforms, food and even test fees. Often, children just simply don’t go to school.

Scholarship students and their family in Reynosa

Students at a school in Reynosa

New Truck

The ministry received a truck from our friends in Louisiana to help carry materials for house building. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s been an answer to our prayers, and we’re very grateful. After all, it doesn’t just carry shovels and trowels, but in a very real way, it carries hope and love.

David and Omar with the new truck in Reynosa

Matching Challenge

Faith Ministry supporters rose to the challenge and matched a donation so that two houses can be built. Both houses are now under construction, and two families are seeing their prayers answered. We’ve received another matching challenge, so watch Facebook and e-newsletters for more information. Like us on Facebook if you haven’t already and receive frequent updates on our work.

Medical Clinic

We still are seeing approximately 35 patients per day at the Betty Clinic in Reynosa, and we’re serving 30 daily meals to children and the elderly. Pastor Castillo is there each day to pray and assist. Our children are getting nutritious food and learning to thank God for the blessings in their lives.

New Logo

If you’ve worked with us in Mexico, you know the starfish story (and if you don’t, you will soon), and now we have a new logo tied to the story. Two variations will be used, depending on the need, but both incorporate the starfish.

Sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged by the challenges that seem overwhelming, but the story reminds us that while we can’t fix everything, we can make a difference for families one at a time.

The new circular Faith Ministry logo

The new horizontal Faith Ministry logo


Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us there. We’ve been updating the progress of the teams as they visit, and we’ll continue to do that. And don’t forget to P4FM (pray for Faith Ministry) the first Friday of each month. We take this very seriously and set aside time for staff and volunteers to meet and pray at noon ET. We hope you’ll join us wherever you are.

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