Greetings from the border, where God and his people are hard at work. Here’s an update on the work of Faith Ministry this summer:


More than 30 teams have visited Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, Mexico, this year. At this writing, house number 23 is in progress in Reynosa and number 11 in Miguel Alemán. Of course, there’s still work to be done, and 13 more teams are scheduled to rise to the challenge.

These concrete block homes provide a cool refuge for families in the summer, protection for them in the winter and tangible evidence of God’s love. Many thanks to the teams who’ve come and to those on the way. Some of the 40 families awaiting houses gathered in Miguel Alemán recently.

Nutrition Program

See a need, try to meet it. It’s played out again and again as Faith Ministry teams and staff work along the border of the U.S. and Mexico. In addition to providing general family practice, our staff at our clinics have noticed a particular need among some of the children in the colonias for nutritional care. Nutritious food is just too expensive for most children.

In response, we have a program to provide cereal, milk, juices, vitamins and medications for children who need it. Currently, some 18 to 20 children are in the program each month, and approximately 240 take part each year. They’re enrolled for three- or six-month periods, depending on their needs.


Because nutrition problems are so prevalent, Faith Ministry clinic staff also invite each child who visits the clinic to have a meal. They’re served cereal, milk, juices, oatmeal, crackers and sometimes sandwiches and fruit. More than 15 children visit the clinics each day just for the food. As part of this program, we also serve four elderly people who have no one to care for them.

A child eating a meal at the nutrition program in Mexico

Safety and Travel

The flu scare has long subsided, and it’s otherwise quiet in the areas where Faith Ministry works. The violence of drug cartels has been limited to distant parts of Mexico in recent months, so we’re optimistic that life is returning to normal, and we continue to believe our work teams are safe. But we urge teams, as always, to keep safety a priority.

New travel rules are now in effect after numerous delays over the last few years. Generally, visiting team members now need passports or passport cards. More information about the change and traveling with minors is available on the Mexico page at

Dear Faith Ministry…

Devereaux Swaim was a volunteer on a team last summer and wrote a kind letter that shows how God’s love can spread around the globe with just a little faith.

She writes:

“Not a day has passed since I’ve left that I haven’t thought about the people of Reynosa. I miss the children whom I befriended more than I ever thought was possible. If I could, I would come and spend the rest of my life living in the colonias, despite the conditions that are so very different from those in which I grew up …

My experience in July of 2008 has inspired me so much that I have decided, rather than attend college this fall like every single other person in my class, that I am going to take a year off and travel to South America. Currently, I am setting up a program so that I will teach English in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then travel to Antigua, Guatemala, where I will be working in an orphanage.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to your organization for being a resource through which I could have the experience that has had such a major impact on my entire life. Without you, I would never have had the courage to go out on a limb and travel to a strange country to help others.”

A sweet letter from a volunteer about the impact of a trip to Mexico

Last, but Not Least

A brief thought from our director David Rodriguez:

“Your friendship encourages us
Your prayers carry us
Your love for others inspires us
Your visits bring us hope
Your support is making the difference”

As always, Faith Ministry appreciates your support. Donations can be made by following this link:


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