I want to tell you the story of a young woman we met a few months ago here in Reynosa. Her name is Jaqueline, she is 23 years old, and she has two daughters: Genesis, who is seven, and Arleth, who is three. They live with her partner in a cinderblock structure that was never finished; it’s missing a floor, and they use old sheets as coverings for the windows and door. There is only one room where the roof doesn’t leak, so that’s where they sleep. When it rains, they put scrap wood over the windows so the water doesn’t get in.

At seven years old, Genesis has never been to school. Jaqueline’s partner works in construction and brings in about $60 a week, but the work isn’t consistent. Jaqueline does what she can to sell clothes and might make an extra $10 a week to help her family. She recently had a health scare and had to come up with the money to pay a doctor because she doesn’t have health insurance.

Jaqueline has lived her whole life in poverty. The place where they are now living is next to her family’s house, where her mom lives with seven other family members, including Jaqueline’s grandfather, sister, brothers, and niece. Their house has four rooms, but the roof is corrugated metal that has been damaged above all but one room. Everything in those other three rooms gets wet every time it rains. They have an outhouse as a bathroom, and while they do have drinking water and electricity, they don’t have a stove or a refrigerator.

Jaqueline and her family are fighting against what seem like impossible obstacles, stuck in a cycle with little hope.

And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of families, just like Jaqueline’s, living in the areas where we work in Mexico. They are stuck in a cycle, and they need hope.

When you support Faith Ministry, you are giving hope to families like Jaqueline’s.

We met Jaqueline in July and have been delivering grocery packages every other month since. As we learn more about her, we are finding more ways that we can walk alongside her and her family and provide the services needed to make a difference in their lives. We are only able to do that because people like you are generous to the ministry.

And we want to do more; we want to make a difference in the lives of the countless other families just like hers. But we can’t do that… yet.

We can do more with your support. We can bring hope to those families just like Jaqueline’s. We can do all of that and more, but only with your support.

You can make that difference.



You can easily make a donation online at faithministry.org/give or send a check payable to Faith Ministry to PO Box 756, McAllen, TX 78505. You can even make a donation through Venmo (@faithministrymx)!



Recurring donations allow us to help families like Jaqueline’s on a consistent basis. Visit faithministry.org/give-monthly to sign up.


We cannot thank you enough for your support. You make the work we do possible, and you bring hope to people like Jaqueline and her family.

Continue praying for Faith Ministry and the families we serve, as we pray for you, your families, your churches, and your communities.

Muchas gracias and Dios te bendiga!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez
Executive Director, Faith Ministry

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