The new year is here, and already we’re at work along the border, building houses, seeing patients, feeding children and taking care of them in school. Here’s the latest:

2014 Wrap-Up

Teams visiting last year built homes for 30 families, 20 in Reynosa and 10 in Miguel Aleman. Some 200 children got school help through our scholarship program. More than 6,000 meals were served to children in both cities. And more than 8,000 patients visited our clinic in Reynosa. Yes, God is at work along the border!

Mission work groups ready to work in Reynosa

Look Ahead

Already 16 teams are scheduled for the coming year. In fact, three teams are already at work building houses. If you haven’t scheduled a team, please consider visiting! To make arrangements or for more information, contact our director David Rodriguez.


We worked hard at Christmas to celebrate our Savior’s birth. This translated into five fiestas with more than 1,000 people worshipping, eating and fellowshipping. We provided toys to more than 800 children. We also took food packages and household items to 200 families in the colonias.

Kids about to enjoy a pinata at the Christmas fiestas in Reynosa

David with some young boys who just received soccer balls at our Christmas fiestas in Mexico

Board Meeting

Behind the scenes, Faith Ministry’s Board of 12 people from all over the United States works not just to set and implement policy but get hands dirty building, planning, fixing and encouraging. The Board meets by phone each month and twice in person each year. Members will gather in Mexico Feb. 5-8. Please keep them in your prayers!

In Honor Of

You may have noticed a new feature on our Facebook page. Those who “like” us can donate to the ministry and honor one another for a day, and we’ll post a recognition online. It’s a great way to help Faith Ministry financially and to honor a friend or loved one who supports the ministry and loves the families where we work. If you haven’t liked us Facebook, be sure to look us up: click here.

Many thanks for your continued support, prayers, phone calls and visits! Together we can make a difference for one family at a time!

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