This #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to the generosity of giving, we want to remind you how much your support matters.

It matters to people like Julio. If you’ve been to Reynosa, you know Julio better as “Chuky.” He’s a prankster who has become a beloved member of our community. And he is the first of our foreman apprentices, a program we started this year to teach construction skills.

Julio or Chuky working in Reynosa when he was young

When Julio was 14, his mom Leonor applied for a house through Faith Ministry. Unable to work for the house herself, she asked Julio to work on their family’s behalf. He hadn’t been to school since he was in kindergarten, and he didn’t have a job. He didn’t want to come and work with us, but his mom convinced him.

He’s been there ever since, and now he doesn’t want to leave,” says Leonor. That was over 16 years ago.

Around the same time Julio began working with us, he started getting seizures. With the help of support from friends like you, we were able to connect Julio with a specialist and provide the funds for his medication. That support was crucial for him and an enormous blessing to his family.

As he threw himself into the work, he began bonding with American teams (click here to see an especially moving video testimony of that bond) and was mentored by our foremen, Ezequiel, Angel and Lupe.

Julio has grown up at Faith Ministry; he has matured from a teenage boy to a bright, hardworking young man. He has made our mission teams’ experiences better (and block rows straighter), and he is now pioneering a program we started that will dramatically change his future employment prospects and better help him use and apply the gifts God gave him.

Stories like Julio’s are made possible because of your support. But he is not alone. There are many more families that count on Faith Ministry’s programs every day.

This is why your support matters.

Julio or Chuky with his sister and his mom in Reynosa

Here are 3 easy ways to celebrate #GivingTuesday:

1. Make a one-time donation

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2. Sign up for monthly giving

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3. Give Christmas gifts that make a difference

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