Building Casa #1

This month, our construction staff and volunteers in Reynosa built Casa #1 of 2021! This house is extra special to us because it was built for one of our own staff, Erika, and her family, and it is in loving memory of our construction supervisor, brother, and friend, Angel, who passed away over the summer. We are so proud of our staff, especially Julio (Chuky) and Ismael for stepping up and building their first house from scratch without Angel’s guidance. This house will truly be a blessing for this family!

And what makes this house even better is that YOU get to see it be built from the ground up! Tune in on Facebook and YouTube starting tomorrow to participate in our Virtual Mission Week (scroll down for more details). Not only will you get to see Casa #1 be built, but you’ll also get to see lots of familiar faces and hear about how our other programs are doing.

The construction staff and volunteers after pouring the floor in memory of Angel

The family of Casa 1 in front of their new home

The family receiving Casa 1 thanking the group who funded the house

Virtual Mission Week Starts Tomorrow

We are so excited to share our Virtual Mission Week with you all starting tomorrow! Tune in Monday through Thursday (March 1-4) at 12pm EST / 11am CST on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel to see Casa #1 be built, check out how our other programs are doing, and hear from your friends in Reynosa – you might even get a cooking lesson from Marisela 😉. Then, join us Friday, March 5, at 6pm EST / 5pm CST for a live cookout with David on Facebook!

We’ll see you there!

Click to see what is in store for Day 1 of our Virtual Mission Week

Click to see what’s in store for Day 1 of our Virtual Mission Week!

Battling the Winter Storm

As many of you know, Texas was hit with a major winter storm this month that impacted millions of people with brutally cold winds, freezing rain and snow, power outages, and water scarcity. South Texas and the border in Mexico were no exception, and while we didn’t get any snow, we did get freezing rain, and the temperatures dropped to the low 20s, with wind chills in the single digits and teens, a very rare occurrence in our area of the world.

Thankfully, the storm was predicted, so we were able to distribute blankets, grocery packages, and hats ahead of the cold weather to families who most needed them in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán. Many families in this area of Mexico do not have heat or even a sturdy cinderblock house to block the cold wind. The family for whom we built Casa #1 is currently living in a house pieced together with wood and a corrugated metal roof. During the storm, they stuffed clothes between their walls and the roof to block the bitter cold wind. This winter storm served as an even further reminder of just how important the homes we build are for these families.

The good news is that power outages in Mexico did not last nearly as long as they did in Texas, and many families were able to continue cooking since they rely on gas instead of electric. We have not seen much damage to homes from the weather, and there was only minimal damage at the Faith Ministry complex that was easily fixed.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support that allows us to quickly respond to events like this. We are grateful for you, and we know that the families we serve are as well!

Distributing blankets and hats in Reynosa Mexico

Distributing grocery packages and blankets in Miguel Aleman Mexico

Distributing blankets and hats in Reynosa Mexico

Distributing grocery packages and blankets in Reynosa Mexico

Distributing grocery packages and blankets in Miguel Aleman Mexico

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer, so please join us in praying for:

  • Families across Texas and the border who were affected by the winter storm and/or who suffered loss as a result of the weather
  • The health and safety of our staff, our volunteers, the Board of Directors, the families in Mexico, and our friends around the world

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 
Romans 12:12


Thank You!

Thank you for everything you do to support Faith Ministry! We appreciate your donations, your prayers, and your dedication to the ministry.

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