Groups Building Houses & Beyond

We hosted two teams this month, each one building a house for a family in need. One of the teams also brought with them an eye doctor who did eye exams for and gave glasses to around 200 people during the week. That team also continued their tradition of beautifying our area in Naranjito by painting new murals, tiling our bathrooms, and planting new trees and flowers! We are so excited to see growth in that area with our garden, the church community, and our new plans for the future. It’s looking great!

A team from Indiana with the family receiving a new house in Reynosa

A team from Indiana painting a mural in Naranjito

An eye doctor from Indiana doing eye exams in Mexico

A team from Indiana in front of the mural they painted in Naranjito

A team of family and friends from Indianapolis and Chicago building a house in Reynosa

First Blocks Laid at the Deantin Community Center

Speaking of our area in Naranjito, we were thrilled and honored to lay the first blocks of the Deantin community center over the weekend with our Reynosa staff and our U.S. Board of Directors! We started by laying hands on and praying over the community center and sharing why this project means so much to the ministry and to the memory of our late founder Deantin Guerra. After everyone got to take a look at the tentative blueprints, each member of our staff and of the Board of Directors took turns laying a block. We can’t wait to see this project continue to take shape throughout the year!

Our staff and Board of Directors at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

David laying the first block at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

Betty laying one of the first blocks at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

Board member Nathan laying one of the first blocks at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

Four of the current and past presidents of the Board of Directors at the Deantin community center in Naranjito

A Visit from the Board of Directors

Faith Ministry is led by 12 people from across the U.S. who make up our Board of Directors, and they come to visit Mexico twice a year to work with us and discuss goals for the months ahead. They visited this month, and we spent time in Reynosa pouring a roof. We also went to Naranjito, where we shared a meal with the staff and volunteers and spent time praying over and laying the first blocks on the Deantin community center. While they were here, we met and discussed the dreams and plans we have for the ministry in 2019. We are lucky to count on these people for guidance and encouragement and love spending time with them!

Our staff and Board of Directors in Naranjito

The Board and volunteers pouring a roof in Reynosa

The Board of Directors meeting in McAllen

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer, so please join us in praying for:

  • Benito, our pastor in Miguel Alemán, who suffered a stroke at the end of 2018. He still requires speech and physical therapy, which has been going well, but is also challenging. Pray for his strength and recovery and for his family as they support him.
  • Marisela, our cook in Reynosa, who recently fell and injured her wrist. Thankfully, it did not break or fracture, but she still has to be in a wrist brace. Pray for her healing and for the safety of all of our staff.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 
Romans 12:12


25 Years in Photos

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ll be sharing “throwback” photos throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more!

This one is from Old Bethel United Methodist, a team that visited us this month to build a house and beautify Naranjito. The photo is of their team pouring a roof back in 1996, the pre-mixer days. Who else remembers pouring a roof by hand?

A team from Indiana pouring a roof in Reynosa in 1996

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