Optimism abounds as we begin 2013. So far, 13 teams are scheduled to travel to the border region of Mexico to build houses, several in Miguel Alemán, which is an exciting development, since we had to suspend operations there for a couple of years!

Our goal is to build 36 houses this year. It’s time to get your team together and make reservations with David Rodriguez, our executive director.

A mission work group outside the complex in Reynosa

Here are a few updates:


At the Betty Clinic in Reynosa, our work feeding children increased quite a bit. We served 5,600 meals to children who come for breakfast each weekday. We also served an additional 1,600 meals during Christmas fiestas and at Vacation Bible School. Because of your generosity, it looks like we’ll be able to this year begin feeding children in Miguel Alemán, where the need is great!

New Board Members

To ensure financial integrity and effective services, Faith Ministry depends on a Board of Directors, 12 folks from around the U.S. who are elected because of their desire to serve God on the front lines of his hurting people. This year, Jamie McLeod of Amsterdam, NY, and Kathy Starkey of Raleigh, NC, join the board, though Kathy has served previously. New officers for the year are Ken MacDonald, president; Jim Grauel, vice president; Herb Bryan, treasurer; and Barbara Rhinehart, secretary. The Board meets by teleconference each month and twice each year in person in Texas and Mexico. In fact, the Board will be in Mexico this weekend, not only to discuss business, but to work on a house and fellowship with employees.


As groups plan their trips to Mexico, we receive lots of questions about safety. The short version is that though there are occasional incidents of violence in the region, for many months now they’ve been isolated and in areas where we don’t work. For several years, we’ve had a security plan in place and alternate accommodations lined up should they be needed (they haven’t been needed), and our staff who live in the area have kept a close watch on things. We hosted 16 teams last year with no trouble.


Faith Ministry is beginning the year in pretty good shape, thanks to your help and gifts. Please don’t forget the ministry. There is much work to be accomplished this year, and it will require us all working together as the body of Christ.

Thank you for your willingnesses to be a part of what God is doing along the border of Mexico.

Kids at the clinic during Christmas fiestas


Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us there. We’ve been updating the progress of the teams as they visit, and we’ll continue to do that. And don’t forget to P4FM (pray for Faith Ministry) the first Friday of each month. We take this very seriously and set aside time for staff and volunteers to meet and pray at noon ET. We hope you’ll join us wherever you are.

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