This Christmas Eve, we got together at our main complex in Reynosa to celebrate Jesus’ birth. More than 80 people from the colonia and American friends from Texas came to participate in that special event. During this service, we gave thanks to the Lord by dedicating the home for Julia and her four children as a Christmas gift to the family and by celebrating the college gradation of an International Commerce student, Noemy, we’ve supported since she was 10 years old. Along with the joys, we also prayed for the sick in our community, continuing our mission here in Mexico to help people in the name of Jesus and to celebrate their joys and be with them during difficult times.

We give thanks to God for your generous support that allows us to keep helping these families. We are looking forward to what 2013 brings and trying to finish 2012 with a strong fundraising push.

You are an important part of this ministry, and your support is reaching hundreds. That is why we wanted to send a reminder that the year-end deadline for tax deductible giving is anything postmarked Dec. 31 or earlier.

A family receiving a home in Mexico 

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