At this exciting and meaningful time of the year – the birth of our Lord – we’re happy to update you on the tremendous response from churches and individuals who are helping to make Christmas bright in the border region of Mexico. Here are some of the projects underway at Christmas:


As you know, thousands of families along the border lack even food and shelter, and Faith Ministry responds with tangible help provided by volunteers and staff. But what better time to demonstrate God’s love than at the birth of the One whom we serve? Some 20 churches pitched in to provide more than 1,000 toys, 1,000 candy bags and 200 soccer balls for children in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán! We took a slightly different approach this year and last because of tension in the region, and instead of holding large fiestas, as is our usual custom, we held smaller get-togethers at the Betty Clinic and the churches in Reynosa, Naranjito and Miguel Alemán. We also paid visits to many homes to reach the families.

Toys ready to be distributed at the Christmas fiestas


Last year when we visited families, we noticed a particular need: blankets. This year, we’re hoping to distribute 350, and we’re well on the way. We continue to receive donations for this project. If you want to help, contact David in the McAllen office at (956) 631-3567.

Blankets for families in Mexico

Food Packages

Another need we’ve noticed in our visits to families is that because of a lack of jobs, many families lack money for food. They’re trying to get by with inexpensive basics, such as using “rice water” instead of milk for their children. This year, we set a goal of 200 food packages for these families. We’re going into their homes, delivering the food and praying with them. 

Getting ready to deliver food packages in Mexico

Holiday Houses

Despite the violence in the region, volunteer teams and staff managed to build 16 houses in Reynosa this year and six in Miguel Alemán. We put out a request for extra “holiday houses,” projects funded by churches in the U.S. and built by staff in Mexico at Christmas time, and again, the response was overwhelming. Five holiday houses are being or will be built in the next few weeks!

Alternative Giving

There is still time to give a gift for someone you love that will be meaningful for them and will help Faith Ministry with its work among the “poorest of the poor.” You can give a wheelbarrow, hammers, concrete blocks or even a house in the name of someone you love, and we’ll send them an e-card by Christmas (deadline is 4 p.m. Saturday). For that matter, we can still send them a professionally printed acknowledgement card if you don’t mind it arriving a few days after Christmas. Just go to our website at and follow the link to the alternative giving program. You’ll find gifts from $10.

The Coming Year

We’re excited about 2012. We have 70 families on our house waiting list. We’ll continue work in the medical clinic, the nutrition program, Bible School and in child sponsorships, so there’s much to do! Thank you for supporting Faith Ministry, and we look forward to serving God together in the coming months!

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