Day Four: Leaving Home, Going Home

As our week in Reynosa came to an end, we approached the bittersweet precipice everyone tumbles over when leaving a community. We were going to miss our Mexican brothers and sisters, our volunteer group family, David and Omar, and the kind people of the colonias. But some part of us was looking forward to going back to Charlottesville, a return home and to the normalcy of our lives.

And that thought struck us hard. We were going back to the “normal” of a well-maintained, well-funded city infrastructure that delivered potable water, picked up our trash and removed it from sight, paved the roads and provided emergency services. At least, that was the “normal” we were thinking about. The Faith Ministry facilities in Reynosa had clean (but not potable) water, comfortable accommodations, and everything else a body needs. But it was different enough for us to notice. As the reality of our departure closed down upon us, however, we took a different view of things. We were leaving one community of loving, caring individuals to return to another at home. We were leaving friends, co-workers, and a daily routine to return the ones we left in Charlottesville. We were leaving our Mexican brothers and sisters to reconnect with our Virginian brothers and sisters. And, suddenly, we realized we were leaving normal to return to normal.

Faith Ministry is driven by the desire to serve and save one person/family at a time. But the reality is that they do so much more than that. While we are happy to have played a part in constructing a home for a family in Reynosa, we are also grateful for the time we got to spend with the people of Reynosa. A trip with Faith Ministry is truly an opportunity for an immersive experience that, despite its cultural and superficial differences, is the same immersive experience of our lives. Humanity connecting with humanity.

Thank you, Faith Ministry, for connecting us with the Reynosa community and allowing us to join your family.


Written by Ken Dabkowski and William Nuckols. Ken and William came from M-CAM in Charlottesville, Virginia, to work for a week as Faith Ministry interns.

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