As you can imagine, the summer’s been hot and humid in the border region, but God is at work through Faith Ministry, and that’s been keeping us refreshed. Here’s what’s been going on:


Even as we write, a team (Winter Park Baptist Church) is at work on house number eight in Reynosa this week. We’ve also built five houses in Miguel Alemán, though we don’t yet feel it’s safe to let visiting teams work in that area. Instead, as churches send money, our Mexican families and staff have been on the job, raising walls and pouring roofs.

Meanwhile, we’ve been at work in Naranjito, just south of Reynosa, getting our facilities ready so that teams can work from there. Much like the complex in Reynosa, the Naranjito facility is located in the heart of a colonia where conditions are desperate. Faith Ministry believes in working among the poorest of the poor.

Working on the jobsite


Security in Reynosa seems to be such that we feel very comfortable hosting teams from the U.S. There is still sporadic trouble, but the incidents have not been nearby, and the teams who’ve worked in the city this year report no feelings of threat, uncertainty or anxiety. We remain vigilant, but meanwhile hope teams will consider construction trips. We currently have six families in desperate straits waiting for a house. Also, if it’s not possible to visit, perhaps your church can fund all or part of the construction of a house, which currently is $5,500.


A few months ago, Gabriela, a 19-year-old mom, brought us Victor, her 10-month-old son who was born with a cleft palate. We helped this precious child, who required four surgeries, and we’re happy to now show you a wonderful smile.

Victor and his mom Gabriela before his surgery

Victor after surgery


Another cause for celebration took place in July when Julio and Flor were married at the church in Reynosa. Julio has been in the scholarship program since he was five and a few years ago, graduated in business administration at a local university. Both Julio and Flor are active in the church. Pastor Castillo and director David preached at the ceremony.

Wedding in Reynosa

We Need Your Help

One reminder about finances: we have been at work at the Reynosa Betty Clinic, with the scholarship program, the churches, and of course in construction, but much of our revenue traditionally has come from building houses in volume. To continue our other core ministries, we need for our friends and supporters, churches, and construction team alumni to consider monthly contributions. We are committed to being God’s hands and feet among those in poverty, and these brothers and sisters need us to be faithful to the work we’ve begun in Christ’s name. Contributions can be made online securely at, and automatic monthly contributions can be arranged by calling David Rodriguez at (956) 631-3567.

In front of the cross on the roof of the Miguel Aleman church

There’s much to be done. Please consider joining us in Reynosa. Contact David Rodriguez for more information about how you and your group can help ((956) 631-3567, email: 

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