Programs on Hold

At the beginning of this month, Mexico declared a national health emergency due to the coronavirus, and in response to that and for the safety of our staff, we made the difficult decision to suspend all ministry programs and activities for the month. Since then, we have extended that suspension through at least May 17, at which time we hope to resume some basic activities, and it is our hope that by June 1, we can resume all normal ministry activities.

During this month, our administrative staff has been working from home in Reynosa, Miguel Alemán, and McAllen, and select staff have been on-site at all of our facilities for safety and security. Pastor Carlos in Reynosa has conducted church services via Facebook live, and Pastor Benito in Miguel Alemán has been reaching out by phone to church members.

Thanks to all of your support (see below), we have been able to continue paying all of our staff and will continue to do so regardless of any prolonged suspension. We are also preparing to take care of our community, as we know that they will need us more than ever.

Fortunately, before restrictions in Mexico were put in place, we were able to deliver over 100 grocery packages to families in our community, as well as distribute hygiene kits and homemade face masks. However, families in Mexico have now been quarantined for one month, many without jobs and without pay. Their supplies are running low, so as soon as we are able to, limited staff will be working to prep and distribute more grocery packages and face masks to families in need.

You can read our full updates regarding the coronavirus and our programs here:, and you can stay connected through our Facebook page.

Delivering grocery packages and masks to families in need in Reynosa

Delivering grocery packages to families in need in Reynosa

Delivering grocery packages to families in need in Reynosa

Our Fundraising Goal: Exceeded!

During the month of April, we announced our efforts to raise 12 weeks’ worth of expenses in order to make sure our staff and the community are taken care of. In less than two weeks, you all stepped up, and with all of your support, we have met our goal, plus an EXTRA three weeks and more!

From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for stepping up and pitching into our efforts, and thank you for your prayers. We love you guys and are praying for you! ❤️

We need your support

We met and exceeded our goal of twelve weeks by three and a half extra weeks

Staying Connected

Throughout this time of being socially distant, we have been working hard to stay connected as a staff, with our local volunteers, and with all of you across the U.S. We have posted videos and messages from our staff and volunteers, and we have loved hearing from you through texts, emails, and calls! We also hosted two virtual cookouts with David this month, where we grilled and chatted together. Check out some of the videos we’ve posted below and follow us on Facebook for more!

Click to watch Davids first virtual cookout

Click to watch David’s first virtual cookout!

Click to watch some of the staff and volunteers from our construction program share Psalm 121 with us followed by a reflection from Pastor Carlos

Some of the staff and volunteers from our construction program share Psalm 121 with us, followed by a reflection from Pastor Carlos. Click to watch!

Click to watch photos of our awesome US and Mexican volunteers over the past year

This month included National Volunteer Week, and we just have to say… we have the best volunteers! Click to watch a collection of photos of our awesome U.S. and Mexican volunteers over the past year.

Click to watch round two of Davids virtual cookout

A virtual cookout with David – round 2! Click to watch.

Celebrating Birthdays

April is a big birthday month for us with seven staff celebrating their birthdays! We have to postpone our normal celebrations with cake and singing, but that just means more cake for everyone post-quarantine, right? ? Happy Birthday this month to Pastor Benito, Omar, David, Ana Maria, Ismael, Erika, and José!

Benito Omar and David celebrated their birthdays this month

Ismael Jose Ana Maria and Erika celebrated their birthdays this month

Prayer Requests

We believe in the power of prayer, so please join us in praying for:

  • Those who are on the front lines of the coronavirus, including doctors, nurses, and medical professionals, and those who are still working to make sure our daily lives run smoothly, including delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and farmworkers
  • Those who are particularly vulnerable during this time, including families living in poverty, individuals who have lost their jobs, and people whose health is at high risk
  • Everyone around the world as we endure this time of uncertainty together; we know that God is in control and that is too shall pass

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” 
Romans 12:12

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