Praise God, teams are back at work in Miguel Alemán! It’s been four years since it was safe to work from our complex there, but not only are houses under construction, meals are being served for children in the neighborhood of the complex.

Here’s an update on Faith Ministry’s work:

A team from North Carolina (Raeford and Antioch Presbyterian Churches) got two houses ready for roofs in Miguel Alemán last week and conducted a Vacation Bible School for 40 children. Staff and local volunteers are feeding a dozen children each morning at the complex there. We may expand the program to a colonia outside town where the need is great.

A young girl eating at the nutrition program in Miguel Aleman

Laying blocks to build a house in Miguel Aleman

Serving food at the nutrition program in Miguel Aleman

Meanwhile, in Reynosa, teams from Old Bethel United Methodist Church and Irvington Presbyterian in Indiana finished up house number three. A team from Louisiana is set to arrive next month.

Pouring a roof on a house in Reynosa

Passing blocks to build a house in Reynosa

It’s not too late to think about bringing a team this summer or fall. Contact director David Rodriguez for more information ((956) 631-3567,

Monthly Giving

If you’ve seen the conditions in some of the colonias along the border, you know the need for houses and healthcare. Now there’s word that 3.7 million Mexican people go to sleep on an empty stomach. These are needs that drive Faith Ministry volunteers as we try to demonstrate the love of Jesus and work in His name. We work for a week at a time in teams, but in addition to construction volunteers, we need contributors. The money helps build houses, provide inexpensive medical care, feed children and respond to emergencies such as hurricanes. It helps us work through our churches in the communities.

Now we have an easy, secure way to make a monthly contribution from your credit or debit card. Any amount, large or small, will help. Just go here:

Pray for Faith Ministry

Remember to join us for Pray for Faith Ministry on the first Friday of each month at noon ET. Staff and volunteers in Mexico will be praying at 11am CT.

God bless you and all the families of Faith Ministry!

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