I cannot believe that it has been almost twenty years since we started our ministry! This ministry is a vision that God gave me a few years back. It has grown a lot because of the different Christian people that have been involved in its work; the goal of the ministry has always been: making a difference in His name and for His glory!

Up to the year 1994, I was involved in the sporting goods business. That was the main reason I came down to the Rio Grande Valley, from Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1975 . But really, God had other plans for my life and the life of my family.

I was involved in the work of the Presbyterian Church for many years at the local church level and at the regional level. I was moderator of our Presbytery, Presbytery Del Salvador, in 1977 and have been to the General Assembly. But I always felt that something was missing.

During those early years, I always felt that God kept pulling the strings of my heart to do something else, to serve HIM better. This vision of “helping others in His name and for His glory” was always in my head and especially in my heart.

So, on October 1, 1994, a few friends of mine and I got together to discuss the possibility. The group consisted of Nurse Betty Carrillo; our first secretary, Mrs. Aurora Gonzales; construction worker Ezequiel Rojas; and myself.

Deantin and a young boy in Mexico

We talked, prayed, sang and cried, yes cried! Because we felt that HE wanted us to do something, and we didn’t know what or how to go about it. You see, we had no money, facilities or materials to get started.

We continued to discuss the idea of how to get started. We talked about the needs of the Mexican people in the areas of house construction, spiritual needs, medical needs and educational needs. After some discussion, we decided to do pursue it.

Our next thought was, “How are we going to do it? We have no money or name!” Someone came up with an idea and shouted, “We have no money, but we have FAITH! Let’s call it: ‘Faith Ministry/Ministerio de FE.’” And thus, Faith Ministry/MDF, Inc. was born! We based our name on Galatians 5:6, “All we need is faith working through love.” If I am not mistaken, the idea for our name came from Mrs. Aurora Gonzales, our first secretary, who is now with our Lord.

In the early years, we had a lot of problems trying to keep going. Many things happened that were trying to do us harm and make the ministry shut down. But God had other plans.

One time, it was so bad that I decided to quit. I was upset for something that didn’t work out. I left Reynosa and was driving home with the idea of going back into the sporting goods business. But God gave me the idea to stop in First Presbyterian Church in Weslaco, Texas, to visit with the pastor of that church who was a very good and dear friend of mine.

I shared with him what happened and how I felt. He told me not to quit and gave me some books to read. And in one of the books was “The Starfish Story.” This story talks about making a difference “one person at a time.” Because of this story and this talk that I had with this pastor friend of mine, I went back to Reynosa to do HIS work “in His name and for His glory.” I also made the starfish the logo of our ministry, so I ask you now that every time you see a starfish, think about us and pray for us.

So many years have gone by, and many good things have happened. Over 2,000 houses built, over 200 students under scholarships, many, many patients seen at our clinics, and best of all, many, many people have come to know Jesus because of our churches. Most of all, we keep making a difference in His name and for His glory!

As we go into our 21st year of service to Him, we have new people in place. People that love the Lord and the ministry, which I, as the founder, am very glad to see. I hope and pray that we can reach another 20 years. Some of us will not be here to see it, but the new generation will go forward doing what was planted in their hearts by God, by all of us that have started this ministry and the people that are involved to this present day.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved up to this very day in the work of our ministry. It has been a great vision that He has given all of us to carry out.

May He continue to bless you and yours, as you remain in His service.

Love you in Jesus,

Deantin O. Guerra, Jr.
Founder/Emeritus Director

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