Dear Friend,

As we approach the end of another year, I’d like to tell you a story.

It starts in darkness, but bear with me, because by the end, you’ll see that it’s a story of hope, a story of happiness.

In 2010, Faith Ministry was plunged into a season of darkness when violence hit the areas in which we work on the border. Groups cancelled left and right, and we went from building over 100 houses a year to struggling to get funding for even just 10 houses. Every day was difficult.

But God brought us out of that season in beautiful ways over the next several years. Groups were back, and Faith Ministry was finding new ways to serve the communities around us. Life was good. We knew there would be obstacles ahead, but nothing like what we went through in the early 2010s.

And then, the pandemic happened.

In the blink of an eye, we were immersed in darkness once again. But this time, it hit even harder.

Again, groups were cancelling left and right. Again, we had to figure out how to pay our staff. Again, we had to adapt our programs. Again, we had to implement precautions to keep everyone safe.

But, this time, we lost someone.

Losing Angel, our construction supervisor and a key member of our staff in Mexico, could have been the final straw on top of all of the other challenges the pandemic had presented. That loss, combined with everything else, could have been a disaster for the ministry. But, it wasn’t. And here’s where the story changes.

When we needed support the most, you showed up. You couldn’t be here physically, but you showed up with calls, e-mails, letters, and donations. You gave us a way to survive during the difficult times.

Then, over the summer of this year, slowly but surely, people started showing up in Mexico again.

One, two people coming and showing up and sharing time with their friends again.

Then by the fall, groups of four, five, eight people showing up with their smiles and their hugs and their love. The light was back.

You cannot imagine the excitement that our staff, volunteers, and the families with whom we work felt when they saw that van pulling through the gate with their friends again.

The hugs after so many arduous months apart, the tears shared over the ones lost, the laughter that crosses any language barrier. God’s goodness on full display.

At the end of the day, Faith Ministry is not about building houses or delivering grocery packages. It’s about something much deeper. It’s about community, faith, relationships, love. It’s about hope.

Come join us in Mexico. Bring some hope and take some with you. Write your name on our wall and be a part of our Faith Ministry family.

We are certain that God will be with us as we enter 2022, a new year with new blessings and challenges ahead. And we hope that you will be with us too, helping us share faith, love, and hope with those around us:


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Your support, prayers, friendship, and love mean so much to us. When I say that we could not do this without you, I truly mean it. From all of us at Faith Ministry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! Thank you for helping us make a difference.



David Rodriguez
Executive Director




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