December News

December 5, 2013|News|

What a joyous season, and we're working hard to prepare our annual effort to minister in the colonies where we build houses. Here's an update...

November News

November 5, 2013|News|

As we approach the Christmas season, we're making plans for this year's fiestas, a youth worker's convention, and next year's 20th anniversary.

October News

October 18, 2013|News|

Once again, you guys rose to the occasion and provided the money to meet the matching challenges of two sponsors, and now FOUR families are getting houses...

September News

September 5, 2013|News|

We're about to enter a busy fall season and want to update you on the work of your ministry. We're still hoping to reach our goal of more than 30 houses this year.

August News

August 27, 2013|News|

We're nearing the halfway point in our efforts to build houses for FOUR families! If we can raise the money for two houses, generous donors will match...

July News

July 26, 2013|News|

Greetings from the border region, where houses are being built and God is at work! Here's an update on the work of Faith Ministry...

June News

June 7, 2013|News|

Spring brought big celebrations in our churches, and now we're ready for the summer construction season. Here's an update on Faith Ministry's work...

April News

April 15, 2013|News|

Praise God, teams are back at work in Miguel Alemán! It's been four years since it was safe to work from our complex there, but not only are houses...

March News

March 1, 2013|News|

We've already built a couple of houses in Reynosa this year, and in just a few weeks we'll again be hosting house-building teams in Miguel Alemán.

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