Who We Are


David Rodriguez
Executive Director

David came to work with Faith Ministry as Associate Director in 2003 and became Executive Director in 2008. While the office in McAllen is his home base, David is often traveling to Reynosa and Miguel Alemán to oversee the activities of the ministry. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, David lives in Texas with his wife Nancy and two boys.

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Deantin O. Guerra, Jr.
Founder/Emeritus Director

Deantin founded Faith Ministry in 1994 and was Executive Director until 2008. He is still an active part of the ministry, regularly visiting Reynosa at least once a week. Deantin lives in Brownsville with his wife Lidia and dog Lucky.

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Colleen Cook
Communications & Community Coordinator

Colleen started working for Faith Ministry in early 2015, though she spent summers in college interning in Miguel Alemán and Reynosa. She is a Tar Heel who is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but moved down to the border from New York City. She splits time between McAllen and Reynosa, working in the office some days and on the job site others.

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Danny Bear
Office Manager, McAllen

Danny has been working for Faith Ministry since 2001 and manages the activities and logistics in the office in McAllen. He attended the Berea Bible Institute in Monterrey, Mexico, where he met David, and now lives in Texas with his wife Mary.

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Reynosa Staff

Gustavo Omar Saldaña Hernandez
Office Manager, Reynosa

Omar has been with Faith Ministry since 2008 and coordinates all construction activities and office logistics in Reynosa. He is from Monterrey, Mexico, and he is passionate about his soccer team and is a huge TV and movie buff.

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Carlos Alejandro Ponce
Pastor, Reynosa & Naranjito

Carlos started with us as a missionary in July 2015. He recently graduated from Berea Bible Institute in Monterrey, Mexico and is leading church activities in both Reynosa and Naranjito. In addition to pastoring the two churches, he works with the children in our feeding program and the patients at the clinic, as well as our construction volunteers.


Angel Martinez Guillen
Construction Foreman, Reynosa

Angel has been part of the Faith Ministry family since 2006. He is one of our construction foreman, but in addition to supervising the job site, he is also a tremendous help around the complex and works as a night guard when mission work groups are on site.


Jose Guadalupe Garcia Posadas
Construction Foreman, Reynosa

Lupe has been working with Faith Ministry since 2002. As one of our construction foremen, he supervises activities on the job site. Lupe is a jokester who is giving volunteers and mission work groups alike a good laugh.


Ezequiel Rojas Rodriguez
Construction Foreman, Reynosa

Ezequiel, known to some as “Cheque,” has been working with us since 1994 and was one of the founding members of Faith Ministry, along with Deantin and Nurse Betty. Beloved by many mission work groups, Ezequiel spent many years with us as an active construction foremen and continues to help out at the job site and around the complex.


Dr. Arturo Joaquin Rodriguez Herrera
Doctor, Reynosa

Dr. Joaquin has been on staff with us since 2000, working at the medical clinic where he sees an average of 35 patients a day.


Beatriz Carillo de León
Nurse, Reynosa

Nurse Betty has been with Faith Ministry since the beginning in 1994, along with Deantin and Ezequiel. She manages the activities of our medical clinic, where she is also a nurse. She oversees the children’s feeding program, as well as the infant nursing program and special activities at the clinic. She has been such an instrumental part of Faith Ministry that the clinic is named in our honor.


Yadira Cruz Martinez
Secretary, Reynosa

Yadira began working for Faith Ministry in 1998 when she was only a teenager! She has many duties in the Reynosa office, including communicating with students in our scholarship program and helping Omar interview prospective families for houses.


Dora Alicia Bocanegra
Caretaker/Cook, Reynosa

Dora has been on staff with Faith Ministry since 2007, spending many years as a construction forewomen, mixing cement and laying block on the job site. These days, she takes care of our complex and church facility and helps Maricela with cooking for the volunteers and mission work groups.


Maricela Cruz Vazquez
Caretaker/Cook, Reynosa

Maricela started working with Faith Ministry in 2000. She is our primary chef on staff and cooks not only for mission work groups and volunteers, but also for the children in our feeding program every morning at the clinic. If you’ve eaten a meal cooked by Maricela, you know how talented she is!


Julio Gonzalez
Construction Volunteer, Reynosa

Julio, commonly known as “Chuky,” is one of our permanent volunteers who works on the job site, where he is Angel’s right-hand man. Chuky began working with us after the ministry built his house about 15 years ago, and he is known and loved by many mission work groups. He enjoys joking around, so chances are, if you’ve been to Reynosa, you’ve been teased by Chuky!


Alberto Zarate
Construction Volunteer, Reynosa

Alberto is one of our permanent volunteers who has been around for years, working daily on the job site with our staff and family volunteers. He occasionally says his name is Gilberto, but he is more commonly known as Don Beto. He’s another jokester and enjoys working with the mission work groups.


Martin Garcia
Construction Volunteer, Reynosa

Martin is one of our permanent volunteers who helps out on the job site and around the complex facility.


Fernando Garcia
Construction Volunteer, Reynosa

Fernando is one of our permanent volunteers who helps out in a variety of ministry activities on the job site, around the complex, and at the clinic.


Elias Cangas Quintero
Clinic Volunteer, Reynosa

Elias has been working with Faith Ministry since 2011 and takes care of the clinic facility, helping out with the feeding program and other clinic activities.


Oralia Vazquez
Sewing Instructor, Reynosa

Oralia works at our clinic, teaching sewing classes to women in the community three times a week. She began working with us after a mission work group built her house in 2011.

Miguel Alemán

Miguel Alema Staff

Benito Chavez
Pastor, Miguel Alemán

Benito has been the pastor of our church in Miguel Alemán since 2010, though he was a volunteer for several years before that. He leads our Sunday and weekday services, in addition to leading a mission to an area of the town called Guardados de Arriba.


Luz Mares Muñoz
Construction Foreman, Miguel Alemán

Luz began working with Faith Ministry in 1999 and is one of our foreman in Miguel Alemán, where he supervises all construction activities.


Benigno Aguilar
Construction Foreman, Miguel Alemán

Benny has been one of our construction foremen in Miguel Alemán since 2005.


Agueda Lopez Castañeda
Secretary, Miguel Alemán

Agueda started working with us in 2007 and organizes many of our activities in Miguel Alemán, including the children’s nutrition program.

Board of Directors

Kathy Starkey,

Raleigh, NC
Eric Sapp,
Vice President

Great Falls, VA
Bruce Druetzler,

Gainesville, VA
Jim Galambos,

Arlington, VA
Tom Booher
Greenwood, IN
Karen Latta
Raleigh, NC
Darren Ash
Charlotte, NC
Craig Deats
Austin, TX
Keith Weddington
Charlotte, NC
Tom Steinmetz
Indianapolis, IN
Renie Mills
Lumberton, NC
Nathan Arledge
Charlotte, NC
Rick Casey,
Advisory Board

Mandeville, LA
Herb Bryan,
Advisory Board

Fayetteville, NC
Scott Shelton,
Advisory Board

Zionsville, IN